An idea conceived of long ago, what if all of the comic book characters we know and love were to occupy the same universe? I somehow doubt the world would need much saving as the heroes seem to outnumber the villains in many books.

It started as an idea posed by a child raised by TV, it inevitably comes to “which superhero would win if they were to fight”. We begin to compare powers and the nature of these powers.

As children will, we (my best friend and myself) arrived at the argument : why would super heroes fight each other? Maybe they are actually evil and from an alternate reality or maybe they are under some sort of mind control. Whatever the reasons we would have loved to see our favorite characters in an epic battle. This however would never happen. Most of the A list characters are controlled by two large corporations and cult favorite characters alone wasn’t what we were after. We wanted ALL of the comic book characters together.

In the nineties there were card games made that focused on comic book heroes; two in particular come to mind. The first was relativity small and was based on a medium sized company called Wildstorm. This was perfect for my friend and I because we had strayed from the big two companies and were following image and Wildstorm comics at the time. Another card game followed called “Vs.”, if it had existed first, things would be different; but as it stands “Wildstorms” inspired my friend and I as well as filled our time with enjoyment away from a TV screen.

“Wildstorms” left us wanting for one thing, the incorporation of the A list characters from the big two companies into a game system we enjoyed.and so our endeavor began to create a sequel we aptly named “Wildstorms 2”, this eventually became “Crisis”. We never abandoned the idea and its been in the background of my mind for over a decade. We have even invested some small monies into printing costs in anticipation.

Time is a fleeting thing and so we have less and less of it now. it appears that our card game will remain a memory of a childhood lost, but I have found new ambition and even if we need to wait until our old age to play I will dedicate a small piece of my time to complete it.

This blog is dedicated to the evolution of an idea.

This is Epic.


2 thoughts on “Preface

  1. Well thank you for the nod sir 🙂

    I really haven’t ever let go of making Crisis, but as you said its a very time consuming thing to get started.

    We really need a Christmas Break where we can just devote a good day or 2 into making it happen.

    Everythings pretty much there 🙂

    Awesome post btw!

    • The problem is that its not enough time. We get tired and slow down so i’m going to take over the production side and leave editing to you and any one else who reads my blog.

      My first task will be to publish the instruction manual. starting this week and finishing this month.

      Afterward a minimum 1 card/day with the hopes of producing up to 3/per day.

      Work should be done during work hours!

      oh and I’ve changed the name to Epic.

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