Epic Cards Pt.2: DC Characters

Welcome to my first character card post and the first DC character set. I will try and keep these posts brief. my goal here is to explain how story elements get translated into abilities and stats.

I thought it best to explain how I have tried to set up characters, the upper limit for a human is 3/3 that is attack/defense. 4/4 is a buffer zone where lies the most exceptional humans or slightly enhanced. from there we encounter super humans with an upper limit of 8/8. At 9/9 is the buffer zone where the most powerful super humans can be found. Finally at 10/10 or above are the Gods. Gods are different depending on the book and we will find gods that are significantly less impressive but this will be dependent on their story.

First is Superman, 9/9 because like much of DC’s pantheon he borders godhood. The upper limits of Throwing objects is 8 because the object tend to lose integrity and no longer do damage. For his Heat Vision and Cold breath I tried to reflect what is seen in the comic books, I’ve also included his vulnerabilities Flight and Super Speed granting him his main power set.


Batman and the Flash are both pretty strait forward. Trained to some of the upper limits of human skill Batman has shown his ability to stand against more powerful opponents due to his suit being reinforced and cape being bulletproof. For these extended defenses I made him a 4/5. As a billionaire genius Batman has both Tech and Influence and because batman stalks his opponents from the shadows I gave him conceal.

I felt his ability to perceive evidence awarded him keen senses,  vehicles could grant him the equivalent of defensive teleport and of his unlimited supply of batarangs, explosives and grapnel gun I’ve given him a representative attack of Firearm:6

Flash has super speed but to show how fast he is compared to other fast characters I gave him double strike as well. his stats are 5/7 because he can hit with more force while traveling at high speed and he can dodge most attacks.

For Flash’s abilities the ability to phase and move so fast it bordered on teleportation seemed obvious. often we see the flash generate tornadoes while running or spinning his arms at high speeds, I wanted to show that this can be an environmental effect or a more selective one.


Zatana is a basic Human other than her magic, I wanted to restrict her spell casting but give her the powerful status she deserves so I have her use a magic token to boost her powers.

Hal Jordan is 5/5 because his ring increases his abilities at all times. it also gives him flight and the ability to for constructs which I wanted to translate into neither pure energy or physical by giving him the ability to blast energy or throw a car with a giant hand. His force field is higher due to the self preservation and the will to live.

Cyborg is of course a cyborg so if his cybernetics are disabled so is he, his systems are so advanced i felt it was necessary to have him self repair. 6/6 id the metal stat halfway into super human is where breaking through metal and bullet proof border each other.I gave him boom tubes and integrated weapons as we see them in the comic book and i also wanted to portray his sensors and keen senses (lite radar and infra-red).

Martian Manhunter has a few power sets, other than invisibility and phasing his main ones are shape shifting and Psi, while he has demonstrated powerful Psi he is reluctant to use it which is why I have given him Psi (explicit):7. I tried to incorporate his shape shifting into his C/D but I also wanted to give him stealth as we see him use it so often in the comic books.

ZatannaHal JordanCyborgMartian Manhunter

Wonder Woman is at 8/8, the upper limits for super human to illustrate her warrior fighting ability i gave her Counter Attack and a sword that puts her on equal standing with Demigods. Her bracelets due the same allowing her to focus her defense to an equivalent level and (like in the comic books) bonce attacks back at an opponent. Finally her Lasso allows her to literally tie up an opponent.

For Aquaman’s main ability I needed to give him a second attack but the second attack had to belong to the marine life he summons and not a second attack from him. Second I wanted to give him his trident to boost his attack and allow him to throw it at opponents. Finally his stats are 6/6 due to his increased skin density and strength.

Wonder WomanAquaman

I hope this clarifies these cards, and I hope to condense these post in the future.




4 thoughts on “Epic Cards Pt.2: DC Characters

  1. Aquaman: He has Trident weapon attack at C7, but then has a projectile attack at 6 which can be knocked away? Shouldn’t the trident be able to be knocked away? Also what’s the projectile at 6?
    Wonder Woman: part of the text box has some letters missing for some reason, also I don’t quite understand her Golden Lasso, When you say tap, do you mean as in they take a hit?
    Zatanna: the Backwards Talking is to signify she can only ‘attack’ once at Magic Blast 8 per turn? so lets say i don’t attack at Magic 8, and its your turn now I play a plot twist and get to counter-attack I can do so at Magick Blast 8?

    • Aquaman has a trident. The Trident lets him hit at c7. He can throw the Trident hitting you with attack value of 6. A successful attack against Aquaman base D will knock the Trident away preventing him from using those attacks. I wasn’t sure if it was clear, I guess that answers my question.

      Thanks for letting me know about Wonder Woman, its not like wildstorms. When a character taps its an indication that they have made in action. It is not an indication of a wound. Wounds are tracked by markers (1 =injured, 2=disabled). Wonder Woman’s lasso taps the opponent character because they are no longer able to make an attack or block( they are literally tied up ).

      As for Zatanna, yes 🙂

  2. Modified prices for the Flash, Superman and Others. realized they were priced unfairly, each off by a point. hopefully this balances it out a little better.I was pricing superman for his heat vision and cold breath as if it gave him an advantage but it doesn’t so i made him a little cheaper and the flash was priced as though he had two attacks but he actually has four so he costs more now. other characters like Hal and Aquaman were subjects to bad rounding.

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