Epic Cards Pt.3: Marvel Characters

Welcome to the first set of Marvel characters. I felt I needed to start with Spider-Man. While Spider-Man is a superhuman he isn’t even close to the upper spectrum like we saw with Superman. I made him the quintisential 5/5 from which most other characters will be judged. as a genius he gets Tech and his Spider Sense grants him Counter-Attack.

We’ve seen Spider-Man use his Web Shooters to knock out and enemy or tie them up so I gave him Firearm:6 (this also incorporates throwing objects and hurling himself at opponents) and Paralyze to tap an opponent.


Next I wanted to tackle Marvels (arguably) most powerful assembly of heroes, the Fantastic Four. Mr. Fantastic is near the upper level when it comes to defense but not much beyond human when it comes to offense so I made him a 3/7

Due to his intellect I gave him Tech, and his elasticity gives him Reach and what I see most as a defensive type of attack bouncing an attacker’s attack back at them.

Like Mr. Fantastic, The Invisible Woman is more of a defensive character. Physically she is only human, I gave her Invisibility and a force field at D:7 but I also wanted to show her ability to attack with force bubbles so I gave her an unspecified Matter Blast 7.

I Gave The Thing 7/7 as he is the most durable/strong member of the group, I will often -1 from Thrown Objects to illustrate the loss of energy (unless a character is specifically known for throwing things), so Thing gets a Thrown Objects:6

As I said on the previous post, I wanted to make a stat of 8 the upper limit of super human before godhood, and as powerful as the fantastic four are, I felt they fell short of what was possible in the upper limits (judging by other characters in the marvel universe).

I gave the Human Torch Energy Blast:7 and Flight, and a 2/7 stat to represent the fact that he can incinerate bullets on contact with his skin. Torch has also exhibited the ability to burn even hotter so I gave him the ability to burn at Energy Blast:9 (with a draw back of injuring all characters in the fight.

Mr. FantasticThe Invisible WomanThe ThingThe Human Torch

My final entry for this set of Marvel will focus on the Avengers, First the First Avenger (who I’m aware, was not the first… but has become the symbol). Captain America is (like Spider-man) a lower level super human, his shield gives him D:7 and because he can throw it with accuracy he can use it as a Projectile and doesn’t need to tap to pick it up.

Its been illustrated in the comic that Cap has the ability to form an avengers team whenever he feels they are in need.

Like the Fantastic Four I wanted to illustrate Iron man as falling under (but approaching) the upper limit of super human. I gave him 7/7 gave him flight and made his abilities (and life) dependent on the armor.

Iron Man possesses many weapons integrated into his armor, so I included the possibility of Firearms or his famous chest blast (at the upper limit) Energy Blast: 8

I made hulk past the limit of super human/god because he is so unbelievably strong (of course this depends on the writer). I felt making him 9/9 showed him as we are used to seeing him. at first I made his upper limit C:10 but felt he could go stronger with Rage.I also wanted to add a condition upon which Hulk looses his sense of direction.

Finally Thor, just to be clear, who is not a god but rather an imortal Alien from a magical dimension called Asgard.

Unlike Captain America though, Thor is at the upper limits of super human so I made Him 8/8 with the ability to through Lightni g and his hammer at 8. With hammer in hand Thor crosses the threshold into Godly and gets flight along with C:9.

Captain AmericaIronmanHulkThor

I’ve tried really hard to find a balance here and establish the roots of the Marvel universe in respect to the DC Universe.

I see the DC universe as being split into Gods and mortals where Marvel occupies a middle ground. Marvel’s regual joe would be a 2.2/2.2 and DC’s regular joe would be 1.8/1.8.

This aspect of the stories make DC’s most powerful Heroes nearer to Godhood and Marvel’s weakest Heroes stronger than the average man simply by putting on a mask.

Until next time.



3 thoughts on “Epic Cards Pt.3: Marvel Characters

  1. – Captain America is pretty cheap
    – D7 for Mr. Fantastic?
    – Human Torch has a D2? Isn’t is fire good for anything defensively?
    – The Things point cost seems just a touch low no?
    – I always thought Thor was closer to an 8 point cost (hell maybe even a 9), why’s is he so affordable?

    • The equation I use for point cost is ((maximum attack + maximum defense +1 for each ability + 1 for each ability which grants an extra attack or wound )/2)-2

      Mr. Fantastic is made of rubber he is almost invincible lol. I think you’re right on the Human Torch.

  2. So updates to certain cards, upon review of point cost procedures I realized that I was rounding in favor/to the detriment of some characters. as a result The Thing has gone up in cost. Also The Hulk and Human Torch have received some editing, Hulk gains Enraged and looses 1C and D as well as 1 energy point. the Human torch get a D which reflects his ability to incinerate projectiles and a point cost increase.

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