Epic Cards Pt.4: Image Characters

Welcome to the first post from the Black Multiverse, this set consists of Image characters.

First off I will admit that I am not well versed on this character but I am aware of her origins and her retcon. Glory possess an enchanted sword that is able to undo magical effects so I gave her that exact ability; I also read that she can teleport so included it on her card. Finally her Stats are made to reflect the feats she is able to perform in the Comic books.

Invincible is a High level super being that is portrayed as being physically beyond his boy-like stature so I made him as such, bordering on godhood with a 9/9. the rest of his abilities follow suit.


Madman seems to have two main abilities as I see them, first his reflexes/agility and second his precognition, both of which I took into consideration when giving him his stats. I also gave him Counter Attack and Telepathy to describe his various precognition skills. while Madman does not have telepathy, the ability one of two abilities that allow the character to help see certain possible future events.

The Pitt is a hulking brute that becomes more powerful when in pain, his strength puts him somewhere shy of the upper limits of superhuman, so I made his limit 7/7.

Like in the Comic books I gave him Regenerate and he is the first Anti Hero, meaning he will kill for the greater good (not exactly the description in the comics but a similar effect).


Dragon has evolved since his inception and has become stronger so i made him a 6/6 to illustrate his ferocity and resistance. he also has slight regenerative properties so I gave him Heal.

Shadowhawk is a shadow creeping vigilante that has evolved to be a spirit of vengeance. His armor and arsenal explain most of his traits, over the years Shadowhawk has become a mantle that can be passed on which I felt was best in bodied with Reincarnate.

Spawn is a demon body with the mind/soul of a trained mercenary an a demonic symbiote/armor. a combination of all these things give spawn his stats. The military training and association with Guns give Him Firearm:6, The symbiote grants him counter attack and the hellspawn vessel grants him his healing and magical abilities.

as see in the first 50 issues of the comic, Spawn has a limited time on earth and when his magic is all used up he must return to hell so I gave him the Necroplasm to represent this.

Savage DragonShadowhawkSpawn

Supreme is considered by most to be a Superman analog, so I made him as such. This was the first character with which I used the story to create an ability. In the case of supreme he discovers that his history is in constant flux and past versions (of his stories, even those that are no longer “true” due to retcon) are kept in a realm called the supremacy. as he can be recalled to the supremacy and replaced he brings this reality with him into play, giving you control of the supremacy and the ability to retcon characters in play.


Finally we have the Maxx, The main character fantasizes that he is this character and so I gave him stats according to the feats described in the book. further, The character has his own fantasy about being an even stronger character in a realm called The Outback; so I wanted to give this character the ability to become this alternate version but made it easy to snap back to reality.

The Maxx

Feel free to comment with any thoughts.




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