Epic Cards Pt.6: DC Characters

In this session of DC characters we Etrigan, I tried to make the character simple, as asimple  magic wielding Demon. I made him as strong as I felt the comic book portrayed him.

I wanted to give Green Arrow a variety of Trick arrows that we see in the comic books as well as the hand to hand combat skills and the ability to attack 2 targets at once with his arrows.

Next we have Black Canary who uses her sonic scream to stun opponents more than attack them so I gave her both capabilities.

Etrigan The DemonGreen ArrowBlack Canary

Black Lightning wasn’t as powerful as he is now in the comics so I wanted to be more recent and make him a powerful Justice League character so I gave him the upper limit of his electrical powers.

Lobo has also been redone in recent years but I wanted to be truer to the fan favorite Lobo so I made him as accurate as possible a a fierce physical combatant and I gave him his favorite weapon, hook and chain.

Black LightningLobo

Hawkgirl is pretty straightforward, I wanted to emphasize her Flight and use of close combat weapons.

For Stargirl, I had to emphasize he powers as equipment based giving her the Cosmic rod and Starbelt with their associated power.


With Shazam I wanted to do something a little different. I’ve seen a number of times Shazam using his ability to transform into Shazam as a weapon to summon magical lightning to shock opponents. I felt this would help diversify him from his Superman mold.

For Firestorm I wanted to give him an ability based on his matter transmutation abilities and I  felt the best way to do that would be to destroy a character’s weapon. there were a number of ways I could have gone with this character but I didn’t want to over complicate him for little reason.


That’s all for now,



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