Epic Cards Pt.7: Marvel Characters

Here is the second Marvel character post. This time I will be focusing on the X-men.

For Wolverine I needed to emphasize his metal claws and bones, his ferocity and his healing. I made wolverine 6/6 with rage to demonstrate his Adamantium and fighting ability. I also gave him keen senses and regenerate but to really emphasize Wolverine as a character that would effectively throw himself at the ememy (slashing away) I gave him a Double strike with a further defensive penalty.

I struggled with Storm’s Weather control but finally settled on granting her the ability to generate various forms of Matter Blast, or to limit other character’s abilities to see or fly. of course Storm could always just hurl lightening effectively.


For Nightcrawler I needed to make him an agile combatant, he is also seen with a sword and is an expert fencer. I also needed to integrate his teleport into his attacks so I gave him Counter Attack.

Jean Grey is both a powerful Telepath and Telekinetic and I believe this card is true to the original. This is one of those characters that has changed quite often and perhaps we will see an alternate version of her in a future set.

NightcrawlerJean Grey

Iceman has obvious Ice powers but not too long ago he became trapped in his ice form and was able to reform himself from water so I though I would integrate this onto the card.

Cyclops has has always been about a powerful optic blast so I made him his the upper level of super human with his energy blast.

Colossus is another straightforward character, all about the strength and metal skin. I once read a comic where the Thing joked about being beaten by the Hulk but being “at least” stronger than Colossus, so I wanted to make sure they were close.


I wanted to make Beast balanced between intelligent and animalistic in his stats so I made him an appropriately agile and fierce fighter but added tech and an ability to focus his expertise is all things mutants. He has manipulated DNA and treated mutant disease as well as built mechanical marvels that allow him to travel through time and space after all.

Finally there is Angel, who can’t decide if he is Angel or Archangel so I didn’t decide and chose an incarnation that straddled the two. in this incarnation Angel has the ability to heal others (and himself) and can throw blades from his wings (as he could when he was Archangel).


Until next time.



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