Epic Cards Pt.8: Vertigo Characters

I took a month off, so its been hard getting back into this but I hope to be efficient.

I’ll star of with reiterating that because these characters are from a fringe universe in which (usually) super heroes defy traditional definitions, these characters become, in essence the embodiment of there stories.

First is Agent Graves from 100 bullets. being a government agent he reflects this type of training. In addition he has a case which he uses to provide his subjects with opportunity to enact revenge. I felt enabling counter attack in others is reflective of this idea.

Preacher has the ability to command other characters to act as he wishes so I gave him enslave as well as the ability to force a character out of play.

Yorick is the character that inspired the idea that characters of the fringe multiverse should carry their story with them. Yorick has no powers, but his story is characterized by the death of all men, I felt this would suit the character best if his arrival ushered in the elimination of all male characters.

Agent GravesPreacherYorick

Another character that embodies the idea of his story is V. Seemingly resistant to injury and with knife skills (enough to wipe out many government agents), I gave V attributes that reflected his comic book actions. I gave him an expertise in demolitions, which he uses in the comics to draw attention so I felt it didn’t warrant an attack ability. I also gave him the ability to act as a villain but not appear as one, reflecting how as a terrorist he could still be seen by some as a hero. finally V empowers people to free themselves from tyranny and so I gave him the ability to become an idea and live after death.

Rorschach is a character that projects fear and acts without fear so I made him insane and gave him the Fear ability. his stats reflect his tolerance to pain and relentlessness.



In Transmetropolitan, Spider Jerusalem is characterized by his relentless pursuit exposing the truth so I attempted to characterize this by giving him an ability to expose secrets. I also gave him his signature weapon the bowl disruptor which forces a character to defecate.

Morpheus in the Neil Gaimen series Sandman has control over the dream world, while in this realm he is all powerful but as seen in the books, outside this world he has little influence. To reflect this I gave him the ability to be very powerful in the dream land and gave him the ability to take characters there.

Spider JerusalemMorpheus

Constantine Is one of those characters who are fairly self explanatory and reflect the character as seen in the books.

Dr. Manhattan is the most difficult character I have attempted, his powers are endless and he is portrayed and near omnipotent. If I am guilty of anything is is holding back, to reflect the powers shown in Watchmen I would need to grant him size manipulation and self replication. I chose the powers that made most sense for the character.

First his complete invulnerability giving him immunity to most physical attacks and the ability to literally pull himself back together from disintegration. Second his ability to move through space/time and be anywhere and everywhere at once is reflected in multiple forms of teleportation. Third is his ability to control atomic bonds, I tried to represent this as disintegration. Finally the one weakness this character has is that he lacks a moral compass, to represent this I gave his a 50/50 chance of acting as commanded or standing

John ConstantineDr. Manhattan

This was my first real challenge and I hope I did these characters justice.



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