Epic Cards Pt.10: Wildstorm Characters

This week I will tackle some of my favorite characters from Wildstorm. Unfortunately due to their nature and the history of the publisher some of these characters have been reinvented up to 3 times. I will be focusing of the original where I can, integrating several iterations where I feel it is necessary and trying to stay true to the spirit of the character at all times.

First off are two of my favorite characters who have had the benefit of increasing in complexity over the years.

Zealot is an Immortal Kherubim warrior whose martial arts abilities put most humans to shame so I gave her lower super-human level stats with a counter attack and a weapon (as she always seems to have a sword or other blade).

Grifter, Like Zealot, is coda trained and enhanced by the gen-factor to have super-human accuracy. I gave him upper limit human stats and firearm attributes to account for this history.


Also coda trained, Voodoo is part Daemonite and part human (and possibly part Kherubim though this may have been retconned). As a result of her training, I gave Voodoo appropriate stats and enhanced them do to her Daemonite physiology allowing her to generate claws and heal. As she made her way over to DC Voodoo demonstrated better control of her psionic abilities and shape shifting which suits the character.

Maul starts out with having super strength because he tends to prefer being large. Maul may grow in size but his control over his physical form fades and I wanted to illustrate this by having him wound his player controlled characters at random while increasing the chanced directly with size.

Warblade has liquid metal hand that allow him to cut through enemies but also allows him to change the shape of his claws and potentially throw them at flying opponents I decided to illustrate this with reach rather than thrown objects or projectile because this distance between him and an opponent is so variable it is quite likely that he could just as easily jump and spear an opponent with a meter ling hand blade.


Next is Spartan who will see another iteration as his character has changed so much over the years. Spartan is an android that has a copy of a Kherubim warrior’s consciousness inside. As such, when hiss body is destroyed a copy of the consciousness is downloaded into a new body. Spartan can fly and generate energy shields and Energy blasts, he is also quite strong and durable.

Void is a human girl who is possessed by a mystical artifact known as the orb. it grants her teleportation and flight but using her powers is quite taxing and tires her.



Ladytron has an advanced Cyborg body but (depending on the volume) is a psychotic ex-criminal. I adjusted her stats to account for advanced earth technology (in accordance to her universe), and gave her insanity and the firearms she carries.

Majestic has the Superman power set but he often demonstrates his advance intellect as well, so I adjusted him accordingly.


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4 thoughts on “Epic Cards Pt.10: Wildstorm Characters

  1. Better late than never. the next week will be very difficult to keep on tract but at least I’ve gotten out the first set of wildstorm characters, without these characters there would be no Epic. Special thanks goes to Jim Lee.

  2. I was jacked up to see the Majestic card, and now i’m pretty disappointed… isn’t he supposed to be able to kill superman or at least beat the living day-lights out of him? his card is a point more (i’m guessing for tech) but he’s got nothing to prove that he can defeat superman.

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