Epic Cards Pt.11: Marvel Characters

I’mm going to start this week with the magical side of Marvel. First up is blade who is a half vampire/ vampire hunter. as such he gets a standard vampire package between upper human and lower super human stats, plus the Vampirism and Keen Senses. Blade doesn’t have the weaknesses that vampires do but he is considered a Vampire none the less.

Ghost Rider is at the upper limits when it comes to humans doe to his possession by the spirit of vengeance. I gave him Magical Fiery attacks and his bike which operates as any vehicle in the game. he also has his chains and his penance stare to enact justice on those who have killed.

Doctor Strange is a powerful Magician at the upper limits of human again and I’ve equipped him with his magical artifacts like the living cloak that helps protect him and lets him fly.

BladeGhost RiderDoctor Strange

Daredevil is a character whose attributes are adjusted mainly in his stats, his senses give him upper level human fighting ability and I gave him his billy club to increase that fighting ability further.

Luke cage is another example of this. With increased strength and indestructible skin his stats have been pushed to the upper limits of super human, but his strength has never been that high so I adjusted him accordingly.

Punisher is a well trained mercenary so I gave him appropriate Human stats. he is known to be well armed so I tried to give him weaponry fitting of the Punisher and I felt his story dictated that he become a singular priority for his target and gave him ability to choose and Arch Enemy.


DaredevilLuke CagePunisher

Silver is one of those Upper level super human being with matching stats and energy blast. His surf board grants him flight and as a vehicle, personal Teleport but is is also the source of his power in a few story lines so I made its possession crucial to his abilities.

Captain marvel falls just short of godhood and like silver surfer hits the upper limits of super human. while she has had a few different rewrites her ability to absorb energy and direct it back has been constant along with her flight and physical attributes.

Finally is Black Panther who is a human warrior but uses Vibranium to gain more powerful abilities, Like his armor, Claws and Energy daggers.

Silver SurferCaptain MarvelBlack Panther

That’s all for today,



One thought on “Epic Cards Pt.11: Marvel Characters

  1. A week late but i’m catching up. also i talked breifly about dual origins for certain characters like the Silver Surfer. For the time being I am making the characters single origin due to card and game designs i feel it will be easier and justifiable (Silver surfer was exposed to and alien energy being manipulated by an alien and he was an alien before any of that happened). Hawkgirl is in the same boat being a reincarnated soul (magic) with alien weapons and wings (and in some incarnations being an alien herself), the dual origins will be revisited if a character appears that cannot be done any other way.

    More editing on the cards in this library will come during Christmas vacation 2013. as well as a new rule book.

    More to come by the end of the week, go see Thor: The Dark World and stay for the 2 post credit segments!

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