Epic Cards Pt.12: Topcow and Aspen Characters

This week I will tackle Topcow and Aspen Studio characters. I’ve decided to join these two studios because in my mind Micheal Turner was a large influence on both and I felt Aspen was, for that reason, an offshoot of Topcow even more than Topcow was an offshoot of image (though the latter is also true).

First are three of my favorites and characters that established these studios, Witchblade’s powers are dependent on the witchblade artifact  which grant her magical abilities including healing, resurrection, magic blast and metallic tendrils which also act like armor. The witchblade is a symbiote and responds to defend her.

Ripclaw is a native american shaman with cybernetic claws. he is a mutant with regenerative abilities and as a shaman he is connected to the spirit world.

The Darkness has the ability to manipulate the magical energies associated with darkness and create beings from the shadows that he they darklings. The darkness power also increases his natural strength an durability.


WitchbladeRipclawThe Darkness

Rather than make the Darklings an ability of The Darkness I chose to make it a seperate card. this way the Darklings can come into play independantly. Because there are a variety of Darklings (different sizes and qualities) I wanted to make them reflect this.

Velocity is a mutant with super speed and cybernetic enhancements, while the enhancements improve her abilities her powers are genetic.


Aphrodite IX if from a future timeline of the Topcow universe She is an advanced android with pharamones that allow her to manipulate her opponents sexually.

The Killer if from a parallel universe and has the ability to alter the trajectory of his bullets to always hit their target..

Aphrodite IXThe Killer

Finally we have the Aspen Studios contributions. First is Aspen A hybrid with the ability to control and transform into water. These powers allow her to heal (in water form) and manipulate the water in a person’s body.

Finally we have Grace, a magical god from the Soulfire universe, as a God, I gave her God level magical abilities but left her the ability to be mortally wounded as it appears that she isn’t invulnerable as we might expect.

Aspen MatthewsGrace

with that we are now half way through the characters of set 1, I hope I can speed up over the next few weeks.



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