Epic Cards Pt.13: Items

Greetings All, This post should have been under construction until later but I needed to update the cards for other posts so here we go.

First up We have The Legion Flight Ring A simple Artifact, It grants the wearer flight and symbolizes their enrollment in the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Legion Flight Ring

Next we have several devices that really needed to be done at the same time. The Infinity stones. I tried to make each one grant the wielder control over a different aspect of the game. The Mind Gem grants the user the highest level of mental abilities. The Power Gem grants kinetic and physical mastery. The Space gem gives the character mastery over movement of objects and people. The Soul Gem gives magical blast and control over life and death of characters. The most difficult were the Reality Gem, which I decided would give the character control over incidents played, and the Time Gem which I though would be best demonstrated by having the ability to undo certain effects, negate at least a single opponent turn and see into the future.

After reflecting on the Gems I felt it necessary to restrict their use to more powerful characters that could handle them without getting destroyed themselves. and restrict the use of 1 gem per character (unless of course that character has the Infinity Gauntlet).

Mind GemPower GemSpace GemSoul GemReality GemTime Gem

The final two items this week are a few more of Top Cow’s 13 artifacts. The Ember Stone and Glacier Stone have near Identical abilities transforming the bearer into a Dragon and a Frost Giant (respectively). Each of these magical creatures are associated with Fire and Ice (respectively) and gain Incredible strength and durability.

Ember StoneGlacier Stone

Well I hope these items peak your interest, see you next time.



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