Epic Cards Pt.14: DC Characters

This week in DC cards I will be doing a few villains. First I will tackle a couple villains that are mirror images of their arch enemies. Black Adam has very similar powers to Shazam the main difference being that Black Adam is older and wiser than Shazam, and of course, evil.

Sinestro, like Black Adam, is more experienced than his heroic counter part Hal Jordan. and being an alien he is naturally a little stronger even without the power ring. Finally I wanted to give Sinestro the ability to build his Corps and so I needed to give him the ability to generate and distribute power rings.

Black AdamSinestro

Next up are two of the most classic villains. first Lex Luthor, Who has had many variations. Lex has Influence as a billionaire and while Kryptonite is his major advantage I needed him to have access to the technology that would put him on par with the man of steel. I also wanted to give him a Kryptonite exposure advantage at a cost.

The Joker seems like the worse character to have when in a battle against Gods so I wanted to give him the advantage of blowing up characters without warning. the booby trap ability lets the joker show that he is one step ahead, chaotic and destructive.

Lex LuthorThe Joker

Next up is Cheetah who is an avatar of a Goddess with cat like reflexes and strengths even though originally she was a lady in a cat suit.

Black Manta’s main claim to fame are his giant helmet cannons which give him a formidable energy blast. as a deep sea pirate he also has harpoon weapons and aquatic capabilities.

Deathstroke is an expertly trained assassin but he also has body armor and access to weapons built into his suit. rather than list his gear I felt it was so intigral to the character that I made it part of his base stats. basically Deathstroke always has a weapon.

CheetahBlack MantaDeathstroke

Finally we have Solomon Grundy, A hulking immortal Zombie, like most of DC’s villains he is not as strong as the strongest super-human but falls just short.

Eclipso is a mystical being who takes control of those he makes contact with, or those who touch a special crystal. his power tends to lay in his enslavement of others.

Solomon GrundyEclipso

Next week I tackle Marvel’s worst, until then…



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