Epic Cards Pt.15: Marvel Characters

This week we’ll look at Marvel’s Villains. First is Abomination who is a stable version of the hulk, in fact Abomination is slightly stronger than Hulk but it was very difficult to demonstrate this on the card. I didn’t want to push Abomination to 10 because that would be too strong, but I didn’t want to adjust Hulk by lowering him because he is adjusted to all the other characters. and I didn’t want to expand the power scale (which is currently between 1 and 15) because I would have to start all characters over from scratch. So Abomination is equal to Hulk in strength.

Next we have Doctor Octopus whose adamantium limbs give him formidable attack strength, Reach (which could also be interpreted as a thrown objects) and counter attack.

Third is Loki, who should be upper super-human falls short and is often shown to be physically weaker than his brother. His real power is manipulating others and deception so I gave him Stealth and Illusionist to hide while enabling him to control other weakened characters with his Trickster abilities.

Finally I wanted to make Red Skull and Evil version of Captain America but I realized that Captain America’s abilities are tightly associated with his shield. I gave his Leadership capabilities like Cap and I gave him influence do to his connection to various Nazi and Villainous groups. Finally while he cannot come back from the dead he does seem to disappear (even when you think he is dead), and return some other time so I wanted to show this faux Reincarnate ability as though there are always sleeper agents ready to rush him to safety.

AbominationDoctor OctopusLokiRed Skull

Here we have Doom who has dual origins in magic and technology. His armor has defensive capabilities, and I made his Energy Blast magical so that it may count as both. I addition to being formidable physically Doom is often found to be not himself at all and just when he is defeated or destroyed it turns out that it was a robotic version of Doom so I gave him Reincarnate to illustrate this type of deception.

Sentinels are gigantic mutant hunting robots so they needed to be able to defeat most upper level super-humans but they are also easily defeated by upper level beings so I lowered their defense accordingly.

Ultron is an upper level super-being in his own right but his main advantage is that when he is destroyed he returns, immune to that which previously destroyed him. I wrestled with a system that would allow me to track types of attacks but it was too complex and I settled on marking those that destroyed him so that they can no-longer destroy him.

Doctor Doom.jpgSentinelsUltron

Next up is Mandarin, Whose abilities I tried to replicate in the game. While each ring has a wide range of abilities I tried to narrow them down to those that are most common and could best be translated without a separate card listing each ring’s powers.

The last Villain is M.O.D.O.K., with no physical capabilities as he is confined to his hover chair, M.O.D.O.K. has a personal force field and armor and the ability to use a Psi attack. I gave him the ability to Enslave as he often uses mind control and as M.O.D.O.K. uses a great deal of power to stay alive I wanted to show this by having his presence a constant drain on resources. the benefit is that this makes M.O.D.O.K. a less expensive character to play.


That all for this week.



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