Epic Cards Pt.16: Darkhorse Characters

This week we have a really interesting set of Dark Horse characters, Lets start with the B.P.R.D. lineup. First we have Hellboy, Immune to fire, pretty resistant to Injury and pretty strong. I gave him his gun with an advantage against Magical beings.

Next we have Abe Sapien an being with touch telepathy and leader of the B.P.R.D.  while Abe isn’t a very powerful character his price point makes him interesting for strategy if you want a character with telepathy.

HellboyAbe Sapien

Next we have Liz, a self destructive pyrokenetic. what is really interesting about Liz is that she can grow her power to a higher level but at a cost to all your other characters. I wanted her to be moderately powerful with a staggered potential at a low cost. like in the books I feel this shows how powerful she can be and how dangerous to her team.

Roger is a great counter balance to Liz being able to absorb energy based attacks and is himself resistant to energy based attacks. with the right strategy these two could be a powerful attack force.

Finally we have Johann who has the ability to summon characters back from the dead for a brief period. because he has low stats this is again a strategic character with a low point cost for a valuable ability.

Liz ShermanRogerJohann Kraus.jpg

Too Much Coffee Man is one of my favorite characters because he is not a super hero, his is in essence a living area effect. like so many of the black multiverse characters he has the stats of any normal human but a strange and powerful ability. As the embodiment of a stimulant (as in the comic books) Coffee Man cannot rest, he is a stimulant so I wanted him to give that stimulant effect to all of a player’s other characters and I though that would be best achieved by keeping them literally active.

Marv from Sin City is a human brute but because how I treat a universe without “super-powers” I made him reflect the enhanced abilities with which the story endows him. he is in a way an embodiment of determination and stubbornness.

Too Much Coffee ManMarv

Next we have Grendel, one of many interpretations of the spirit of vengeance, Grendel is reborn in multiple series so I gave him reincarnate and the skills that would elevate him to base level supper human.

Lastly is Empowered, who is a comic relief character while still being super powered. I struggled with her suit which gives her invulnerability while itself being anything but invulnerable. to represent this I gave her a high D and gave the suit the ability to blatantly absorb wounds for her. This ability will only last as long as the suit remains intact so eventually as the suit is damaged it will no-longer be able to absorb wounds and Empowered will be without the membrane (or clothing). Like characters in game the suit can effectively absorb 3 wounds before it is ineffective. I gave her the ability to regenerate the suit as in the comics she is quite efficient at avoiding attacks. In the books her torn suit reduces her to a scantly clad girl who distracts her opponents with her sexuality; I tried to replicate this in her resistance/immunity to attacks from men.


I hope you find some of these ass awesome as I do,



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