Epic Cards Pt.17: Miscellaneous Characters

Welcome to week 17, this post was intended for week 20 but I’ve been struggling to create Incident cards so I decided to postpone their post and replace it with this one. Also this gives me a chance to get to the most fringe universes in comicdom and I’ve been really excited to get this far.

If you consider Marvel and DC the inner universes and moving outward you come to Image, Vertigo and Dark Horse, each of the Publishers in the Miscellaneous group are like planets so distant from our sun that few know of their existence. some are only coming into existence now while others are discovered after their death. Some of these publishers focus on a single character and are incredibly popular where others have grown with popularity slowly and have built a multiverse of their own.

I’ve tried to focus this week on a single character from nine seperate publishers and diversified to include characters of various popularity and age. First is Harada a major bad guy in Valiant’s growing Universe. Harada is an Omega level Psiot in the Harbinger story line.  The most powerful Psychic on earth and a powerful billionaire. I gave him God level Psi and some of the Psionic powers that come with it like Enslave and Telepathy.

Next I have Lady Death, mortal girl turned God slayer Hell Queen. Lady Death has had a few interpretations over her long life I gave her upper level stats and allowed her sword to give the the God killing capabilities she has in the comics.

Next is Judge Dredd, a character who has been around for decades. I gave him stats representative of a super strong armored military character and his motorcycle grants him Teleport like most other vehicles in the game. His main attribute is his gun with a variety of ammunition capable of varied types of attack.

Toyo HaradaLady DeathJudge Dredd

Next we have the up and coming Boom studios, I chose one of there more interesting characters Thinkwell, He has the ability to basically write into existence this seem to be a scientific/psychic magic or a manipulation of the code of the universe so I gave him an ability similar but more extensive than magic. His low stats and lack of any other abilities gives him the lowest point cost and could make him a strategic powerhouse in game.

We have another long running Femme Fatale, Vampirella. Basically a powerful vampire from an alien world sent to hunt evil vampires on earth, I gave he a traditional vampire power set and made her immune to vampire weaknesses.

The Spirit is a classic pulp fiction icon created by Will Eisner. in the comics the spirit is a detective who incidentally fakes his own death and is believed by the criminal community to have returned from the dead. In the process he becomes the myth, a spirit of justice. I gave him this ability, if not necessarily a super power, The Spirit is known to have returned from the dead.


Kick-Ass has come to be very popular over the past few years a newer more mainstream character thanks to the film. Kick-Ass doesn’t have any abilities in the comic, He is a teenager who decides to be a hero and in doing do, becomes an inspiration to others. I tried to be true to the character and gave him the ability to bring other heroes into the game, his stats are reflective of his conditioning as a hero.

The Phantom is a generational character, born again and again as a new hero its a mantle that is passed on but to his villains he is the spirit of vengeance. Trying to represent this I gave him Reincarnate and Fear. The Phantom has had two symbols as a constant first are his guns and second his skull ring which he uses to mark his targets and hunt them down later; I represented this with a arch-enemy like status for his targets.

Finally we have another long running character from the fringe, Tank girl is a post apocalyptic fighter in a Tank; so I gave her a Tank. as her entire point cost is the Tank she is very malleable and best bang for your buck point wise.

Kick-AssThe PhantomTank Girl

Where you get a larger assortment of abilities with more mainstream comic characters I feel the Fringe is more stripped down and pure with characters and individual abilities at a good point value.

That is it for now, as always…



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