Epic Cards Pt.18: DC Characters

This week I’ll tackle a few more from the DC Pantheon trying to focus on The JSA. First up is Captain Atom. A true power house he is actually the model for Dr. Manhattan’s powers. That said, the character is more reserved the Dr. Manhattan and has a moral compass.  he easily hits the upper limits of a super human and can rearrange matter so I gave him the ability to destroy items outright.

The Atom can shrink to the size of a molecule but maintains his original strength over a smaller size making him very strong and extremely resilient, while miniature he can be near invisible, intangible and near weightless. Part of his power is that he can travel along phone lines as an electron and I imagine there are other ways for him to escape the battlefield so I gave him Personal Teleport.

Captain Atom.jpgThe Atom

The Ladies this week will start off with Powergirl, essentially a Supergirl from another dimension though the character has been multiple things I chose to do Powergirl as the Supergirl incarnation first because her story is interesting. having come to the main DC universe she has a kind of crisis of identities and in one story explains that the hole on her chest is where the “s” used to be and she removed it because she wasn’t this world’s Supergirl. Interesting as this is the character is a mirror image of Superman with 2 small differences. First she isn’t effected by this planet’s Kryptonite the way other Kryptonians are and second, (as seen in the comics) the fact that her breasts are at the focal point of her costume becomes a distraction to male opponents, I made this an aspect of the card because it is so often commented upon in the comics.

Next we have Starfire, Alien Powerhouse of the Teen Titans. I gave her near upper limits of super humans and the ability to absorb energy as an immunity to Energy Blast.

Power GirlStarfire

In addition to Power Girl, we have Hawkman, Mr. Terrific and Red Tornado from the JSA. Hawkman’s main ability is flight but he is also a warrior and always has an Nth metal weapon to aide him in combat.

Mr. Terrific is a billionaire mechanical genius, his T-Spheres are the source of his powers giving him the ability to fly when needed defending him from attacks and acting as projectiles. The T-Spheres respond to his thoughts so I thought it wasn’t necessary for him to tap to recover them.

Red tornado is an Android that can rotate his body with such a great amount of energy that he generates directed Tornadoes. he is also very strong and durable.

HawkmanMr. TerrificRed Tornado

Also from the JSA but a main character from the Kingdom Come storyline we have Magog. Branded by a relic of the old gods Magog has a staff that helps him focus massive energy that he can channel through his left arm. He is a ruthless anti-hero and a well trains durable fighter.

Deadman is a disembodied circus performer who is basically a ghost that can possess other people’s bodies. I really struggled with this character until I came to accept that his only task is taking control of other characters. As a ghost he is near-impervious to attack, and only strong of mind can reject his possession.


As we fly through another post I hope you have enjoyed my interpretations.



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