Epic Cards Pt.19: Marvel Characters

This week in Marvel Cards we return to the X-Men. First up is Rogue, with the ability to Fly and with Super Strength and Durability she stole from Ms. Marvel at the time, Rogue has the ability to steal a character’s powers on touch. It seemed simple enough but I fear there is no way to prevent the possibility of arguments with this character. Rogue may attack (even if unable to wound) effectively touching an opponent character. once this happens she can mimic any or all of the character’s abilities and powers (even increase her stats accordingly). The problem arises with individual characters, Rogue can only mimic genetic traits, characters who have different DNA which causes their powers. this means she can mimic all Genetic Origin characters but Alien characters have different DNA, ass do those with chemical/radiation exposure and are of Transformative Origin. This eliminates those of Technological, Magical and Conditional Origin. While this makes the most sense it is far from absolute and I hope players can settle arguments calmly. There are some characters who have non-genetic traits and there are characters of other origins that may have genetic abilities.

Moving on to Gambit. I felt his base attributes were straight forward, he usually has a staff with him and is lower level super-humanly agile. His cards are kinetically charged projectiles that he has a near unlimited supply of (aside from the fact that he can always charge a rock); I felt Energy Blast was more appropriate in this case for simplicity.


Cable is one of the worlds most powerful psychics but he uses it to constantly keep the Techno-Organic Virus from spreading through his body. I tried to display this with a powerful Psi but with the penalty that he is wounded in the process. Cable is a mercenary with futuristic firearms and if his cybernetics could be disabled he would have found someone to do it already.

Domino has the ability to increase the probability of her actions succeeding so I gave her a roll to auto wound and a roll to make her opponent effectively miss their attack. Like Cable she is always armed and is more agile, and tough than the average mercenary.


Havok and Polaris are our third set of lovers for today. Like his brother Cyclops, Havok has a powerful energy blast but rather than his eyes it radiates from his whole body and he has trained (and wears a suit) to focus the blasts through his hands.

Polaris was originally a weaker female version of Magneto that many believed Marvel intended to be his daughter. in the end she ended up developing her powers to be more fine tuned than Magneto’s. Polaris has the ability to Throw objects and blast with her magnetic field or defend or fly with it but she can also use it to sense individual electromagnetic fields and deconstruct mechanical objects.


Okay so not all of this weeks characters are lovers. Shadowcat has the ability to become intangible and do the same for those she comes in contact with and Banshee is a fairly simple mutant with a super-sonic scream that he can use to fly.


Psyloke is a more diverse character, kidnapped, genetically altered and trained by the hand as an assassin Psyloke has a strong Psi but she can only manifest it as a blade at close range. so I gave her a higher latent Psi (as she is able to defend against mental attacks), and gave her a short ranged Psi attack.


Well off I go, until next week;



7 thoughts on “Epic Cards Pt.19: Marvel Characters

  1. if shadowcat goes up by one then we are saying the rule of thub is: (special abilities are worth 1 point), (special abilities that enable an extra wound or directly increase C or D are worth 2 points), (special abilities that allow multiple characters an extra wound or an increase in D or C are worth 3 points).

    thats cool but The Invisible Woman for example needs to go up too… [week 3]

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