Epic Cards Pt.20: Incidents

Altered timeline Back from the dead Caught off guard Distraction Expanded Resources First-Aid Limited Resources Power Disruption Re-Focus


8 thoughts on “Epic Cards Pt.20: Incidents

  1. I am very behind on my post unfortunately. two prominent factors are that images for incident cards are difficult to find and work has been quite consuming. either way, post 20 of 24 here introduces some really basic functional cards. these are really crucial to the game mechanics but again images for these kinds of events are hard to come by. my next post will contain another set of 9 incidents that will help to further round out the game mechanics in this first set.

    i’m really not sure if the timing factor is obvious on these cards so feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    can you tell me which cards come into play have an effect and are then discarded (immediate), and which are remain in play unless another card removes them (permanent)

    I’m outta here…Later!

  2. Altered Timeline – Discard after use
    Back From The Dead – Discard after use
    Caught Off Guard – Discard after use
    Distraction – I’m not quite sure what you mean by tap target character? Tap to do what? Tap as in free of cost?
    Expanded Resources – Needs a limit of some sort; perhaps tap X amount of resources to continue use (limit 3 turns)? or something like that
    First Aid – Discard after use
    Limited Resources – Needs a limit of some sort; perhaps tap X amount of resources to continue use (limit 3 turns)? or something like that
    Power Disruption – Discard after use
    ReFocus – I’m not quite sure what you mean by untap target character? UnTap to do what?

  3. A small request…. another round of misc characters… i love these odd characters with incredible abilities and cheap foothold costs. In fact I plan to make my first deck with only odd characters to see what kind of quirkiness I can pull off.

  4. 1. a character needs to tap to act, so if a character is already tapped it can not attack or defend until it un-taps at the beginning of its player’s turn. EX: I have batman and robin (a team) i use batman to attack you (so i tap him) on your turn, you decide to attack batman, i block with robin absorbing the damage and protecting him. you know i can do that so you force robin to tap (with Distraction) then you attack batman and wound him. (unless i have Re-focus to un-tap him once again).

    2. my intent was that expanded resources stays in play unless you have a card that can remove it. there will be cards that remove incident cards from play; do you think it is too cheap?

    3. The Characters are coming but if these are the only incidents in play the game will be a little broken. Misc. Characters on Jan 23rd!!!

  5. RE: Expanded/Limited Resources: I’m not sure if its too cheap or just a very dangerous card to have as it has the potential to cripple or lopside a game before it even starts. It’s why i think putting a limit to its usage makes it more fair. Example: Can only be used for 3 rounds and must be discarded afterwards (you could note must be used for 3 consecutive rounds) or leave as is and the player chooses when they want to use the bonus or limitation. Oh and it must be put down face up once played so the opponent can use an incident against it… It limits the cheese.

    RE: Characters and Incidents, I’m just asking for another round if Misc Characters before the finale of Version 1, we definitely need another set of Incident cards for sure.

  6. All incidents must be in play to be active so you can always use another to cancel it. I see it as a definite strategic advantage in the right hands but its one of many types of cards (including incidents that allow you to “pick up one extra card this turn”, force an opponent to discard their hand” or “a single card”. i will revisit the cost of incidents very soon. and this may be one needing a price revision but i’m very hesitant to put a timer on an incident card, it feels like it will become to complicated.

    back to the Characters: i’m 3 days behind “Wildstorm villains” which i think you might enjoy. also next week is scheduled to be “marvel villains” (Monday) and Misc Characters (Thursday). I will try my best to choose the most interesting characters i can find!

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