Epic Cards Pt.22: Wildstorm Characters

Good Afternoon and Welcome to the second posting of Wildstorm characters, this week I will be focusing on villains. First up is probably the biggest villain and the only one to cross over into the DC Universe post merger. Helspont is a Daemonite in possession of a powerful host as such he is at the upper limits of super-human. In addition to this he can take control of others mentally and has a very powerful energy blast.

Helspont has a number of Daemonites at his disposal which are basically subservients of the race. these daemonites can possess other characters and gain control of their abilities. They have gone some changes depending on the writer, it seems that they can only live outside a host for a short amount of time but I didn’t include this because of the nature of the game and since this wasn’t the case after they appeared in the DC universe.


Wildcats was the biggest Wildstorm publication so I’ve focused on their villains more than others, next is Tapestry, a sorceress that steals the longevity and physical attributes of Zealot in exchange for saving her “sister”. as a result Tapestry grows in power to become one of the most powerful beings on earth. Her Stats are equal to that of a Kherubim and are enhanced magically, I gave her a magic blast of a lesser Goddess as she has become that powerful in the comic books.

Lord Entropy has a short run (but we may have seen more, and might still see more if given an inspired writer). Entropy is a Kerubim lord who comes to posess the Orb of Power, in combination with his natural abilities and his insanity it gives him the ability to alter the fabric of reality.  His powers are similar to that of Franklin Richards, but I needed to limit him (as he is limited in the comic) by his mental instability and that he draws power from the Orb which is similar to the Reality Gem. Finally I gave him stats equal to a Kherubim Lord.

TapestryLord Entropy

Bliss is initially a foil for Gen 13 and later a member of DV8, she fell into that “lets make all the villains into heroes craze”. her powers are that of seduction, she can trigger attraction and infatuation in others, this was an empathetic attack so characters with Psi resistance could resist her.

Next is her brother Threshold who has a more aggressive telepathic attack and uses the ability to attack with psionic energy and to levitate. Threshold later became the Mentor for DV8

Despot was the primary villain to the original Stormwatch teams he was an incredibly powerful Psychic villain with the ability to reanimate characters like puppet corpses.


A character from the final days of Wildstorm Typhon was the leader of 4  D’rahn imprisoned by the Kherubim eons ago. They were originally allies that were deemed such a threat that they were betrayed. The true power of the species was that their females could trigger mutation along a specie’s evolutionary path. Typhon is evolved in this way, and so physically advanced and powerful that he borders on godhood.

The Female of the group, Pildra has the ability to evolve charcters to their next level. to demonstrate this I wanted to boost a character’s stats and grant them a random ability, alternatively I felt that there would be characters with a host of abilities that would be made stronger by boosting a power rather than granting them a new ability.


Next we will continue looking at villains from the Marvel Universe.



4 thoughts on “Epic Cards Pt.22: Wildstorm Characters

  1. only 8 days to the end of set 1 at pt:24… only 2 posts behind…

    also i just realized how unbalanced Psi is so I will have to revisit a bunch of characters for Psi and reworked a formula for character costs to balance it out again 🙂 don’t worry the overpowered characters will only go up by 1-2 points.

  2. Despot – wow a 9C 9D eh, that’s pretty powerful there… also there’s a misspelling in ‘Control’ description you used ‘is’ should be ‘if’… on the subject of that ability what’s the definition of inactive? perhaps injured?
    Pildra – misspelled ‘already’
    Typhon – who the hell is he?

    As for Psi, it’s always been a pseudo broken ability, kind like magic / magic blast, those with it can win easy.

  3. “Each character has four possible states: healthy, injured, disabled and dead; healthy and injured characters are considered active while disabled and dead characters are considered inactive. A player obtains points equal to a character’s energy cost by rendering it inactive. Only an active character is able to attack or use abilities and powers, labels still apply to inactive characters, for example Rogue™ does not stop being a mutant when she is dead”

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