Epic Cards Pt.23: Marvel Characters

Alright, back to the baddies. First up a few classics. Magneto has experience and complete control over metal so his magnetic defensive and offensive capabilities are at the upper level of super–human. He can also fly and disassemble machines and cybernetics.

Green Goblin as a essentially a slightly enhanced character so I put him just shy of mid-superhuman. He flies due to a glider an tosses bombs at his enemies which I though would warrant a projectile:7 forcing him to adjust and grab another bomb between attacks.

MagnetoGreen Goblin

Bullseye is a human with the uncanny ability to hit with super-human accuracy, as such he can turn mundane objects into throwing weapons which is why I gave him the Projectile ability but waved the need to recover the projectiles. I increased his D as his skeleton is laced with the ever popular element adamantium.

Super Skrull is a genetically engineered Skrull that possesses the powers of the Fantastic Four. I tried to give him the powers of each of the four at the same level as a single member. As a Skrull he is also capable of shape-shifting so I gave him Conceal.

BullseyeSuper Skrull

Next is a little lesser known villain Absorbing man who has the power to touch various forms of matter and take on their properties being of lower than average intelligence he typically uses this ability to become resistant to injury and increase his strength. For a long time he carried around a concrete ball and chain so that he could absorb it’s material properties. His power is similar to Wildstorm’s Grunge but Grunge was a little more adventurous and creating with his powers.

Taskmaster is an interesting character in yet another attempt to make the perfect human Taskmaster injects himself with a serum that allows him to instantly learn and replicate any skill (including weapon use and fighting skills) because his power is dependent on his learning I wanted to make him increase (within limits) his abilities based on other characters in play.

Absorbing ManTaskmaster

Now to some magical powerhouses, first up is Blackheart, son of Mephisto and a top level Magical super-powered being, he causes fear in opponents and I gave him both a Psi and Magical attack.

Next is Mephisto himself who is technically the devil but Marvel doesn’t like saying he is so they don’t. Instead Mephisto has been labeled many things  and I settled on Arch Demon. Incredibly old and powerful and the master of a Hell-Like realm. I gave him true god stats and abilities and tied his power to the ability to channel the power from the material of his realm. It is debatable at this level, how powerful Mephisto is. in some instants he can rewrite history and alter things on a massive scale, other-times he is just a really powerful bad guy who can be stopped (not destroyed) by a really powerful hero.

Finally we have Dormammu, like Mephisto, depending on the story line Dormammu can be a range of power levels. Since he is the sole Ruler of another dimension but also the conqueror and devourer of other dimensions; I felt it necessary to make him a little more powerful. For a character this powerful (like Mephisto) to be brought into play it requires sacrifice, in this case as Dormammu requires souls to feed on while in this dimension (otherwise he is stuck in the dark dimension) so I replicated this as best as I could.


Tomorrow will be the last post for Series 1, See you there.



4 thoughts on “Epic Cards Pt.23: Marvel Characters

  1. Before getting into the nitty gritty, DC has a wiki that has a TON of images which you can source for cards 🙂 http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Special:NewFiles

    Onwards and upwards with comments on this latest set;
    Bullseye: Cost is showing as ‘0’
    Dormammu: WOW 11C and 11D?!
    Green Goblin: Cost is showing as ‘0’
    Magneto: Cost is showing as ‘0’
    Taskmaster: Cost is showing as ‘0’

    This whole ‘0’ cost has me wondering would there be a character from any universe that would have a zero cost?

    • Woops. So I forgot to do the math:-( I’ll make it up in an hour when I release the final set 🙂

      As for a character that costs zero. I think kick ass will be the closest but its possible I guess. If a character were C:1 D:1 with no abilities the cost would be -1…

      The characters that would cost zero are the ones you love because they have a power representing their universe and the power is the only thing you pay for!!

  2. Thanks FerrianX for the DC wiki link.

    I think everything is good now, i added the point costs that were missing and updated Blackheart and Taskmaster, they were missing something and i must have been too tired too see it now i’m happier.

    * Taskmaster clarification: many cards will be updated over the next month for a new point equation and some clarity but Taskmaster is referring to a trait that many skilled heroes and villains have that isn’t mentioned on their cards (yet) if a character has Elite Training they are skilled in combat, it wasn’t on the cards because its incorporated into their stats, but its definitely a label that’s needed.

    With that said… rough around the edges as some of them are there is only 1 more post for set 1

    and its seconds away…

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