Epic Cards Pt.24: Miscellaneous Characters

Its been a long journey but here we are. The end of Epic, Series:1. I’ve recently come to the realization that there will be at least 4 series so this is going to be quite the adventure.

Enough banter, to the cards!

First of the miscellaneous Black cards this week is the duo of Hack / Slash fame: Cassie Hack and Vlad. For Cassie I wanted to include that she is a would be victim that stands up for other victims, I used this for the survivor trait. I enabled her to reach C:4, D:3 due to grit and luck as the character survives brutal serial killers.

Vlad is a monstrous slasher himself teaming with Cassie to take down the true monsters. Unlike Cassie, Vlad has increased strength and endurance to withstand being severely wounded.

Cassie HackVlad

Cerebus is a character that has been around for a long time. He has the ability to instinctually understand and counter magical effects so I used this to give him the ability to stop the effects of magic being used by a character. He also has an innate magical ability to alter reality in his favor. things work out for him against all odds and fall apart when he is no longer around. to emphasize this I gave him the ability to prevent antagonistic plot twists against himself and the controlling player.


Our Next duo is the Green Hornet and Kato who have been reborn through their descendants a few times. I gave The Green Hornet his Gas Gun as a firearm with the ability to knock out opponents rather than wound them and like Cassie and Vlad I gave both of these characters the ability to bring the other into play.

Kato is a more skilled fighter than the Green Hornet and  as a mechanic has Tech. I gave Kato the ability to call up the car (as she is the driver), and gave her the defensive Teleport ability.

The Green HornetKato

Shi is a fairly strait forward character, I superior martial artist, for a meta-ability I wanted to emphasize the character’s morality and sense of honor so I though being able to choose not to kill and get bonus points in game could be a valuable ability.

The Crow was a little more complex, he is slightly more than a man, he is a man brought back from the dead and given conditional immortality. One of these conditions is that a regular crow seems to be his link to immortality, kill the bird and you sever the link so I wanted to give him this independent artifact that has its own stats and can only be attacked under certain conditions.

ShiThe Crow

The Rocketeer is one of my favorite characters, he is quite simple, in a world without advanced technology he has the ability to fly using an experimental jet-pack he finds. H uses a hand gun and the Jet pack to take out Nazis as a WWII hero. I gave him flight and a hand gun and i tried to give him meta abilities suitable for the character. In his story he outmaneuvers German fighter planes and doesn’t really engage ground forces, I used this to give him an ability where the fighting would take place at an upper atmospheric level, cutting him off from ground attacks and I wanted to give him a bonus from using speed in his flight as an attack maneuver.

The tick is a strange character and part of the inspiration behind giving some characters meta abilities. The Tick has a meta ability built in to his story; when The Tick arrives at the battle site he injects an element of chaos that makes everything more dramatic it is simply how his universe works. The Tick also puts all off his opponents on edge with the battle-cry “Spoon!”, I combined these two elements to give him the ability to force the end of the game (maybe nothing will happen, but its weird, dramatic and puts everyone on-edge) by yelling spoon.

The RocketeerThe Tick

I like the was that ended, I’ll see you next week with more cards as we start Series: 2.


I mean… Excelsior.


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