Epic Cards Pt.25: Footholds

Welcome to the first post of Series 2 cards, in this set I will be focusing on adding a new dynamic to the game with advanced Footholds.

I wanted to make sure that while giving a player options I didn’t render basic Footholds obsolete. For that reason all advanced footholds will be Limited or Unique, restricting the amount of times they can appear in a deck.

The first this I wanted to do was create a type of energy that can fuel any Character or Item. the colorless energy foothold is meant to help players playing multi colored decks bring their cards into play faster.

Colorless Energy.jpg

Restricting one’s choices to make a deck that is cohesive to a certain theme (other than overpowered) is something that I desperately want to promote in this game while at the same time I don’t want to restrict a player’s options. The next advanced Foothold I wanted to create would reward players with two units of energy from a single Foothold by restricting their options. In this case, the Villainous and Heroic Footholds, restrict energy use to Characters as well as to either the Villainous or Heroic trait.


The next advanced Foothold was simple; I wanted to create some Footholds that would manipulate the energy produced by basic footholds. I decided to start out with Equilibrium doubling each unit of energy produced. This actually sparked a discussion that lead to a small rule the game needed; what would happen if you produced more energy than needed? As a teacher I always want people to be aware and conscious of their actions, I wanted to make energy production an integral part of the game, not just a restraint. For that reason each extra unit of energy a player produces causes him harm and he looses an equivalent amount of life.


Looking for alternate sources of energy I imagined a player drawing energy from the characters that were killed during play. As a balance to this I also wanted to allow a player to draw energy from those characters that were alive and still active. There is a grey area here where disabled characters cannot generate energy as they are neither active nor dead. These Footholds also only allow payers to tap large amounts of energy once they have already tapped into enough energy to bring a substantial amount of characters into play.


Similar to the idea of Colorless Energy, I wanted to give players a way to alter the color of basic foothold energy without giving them access to unlimited colorless energy. Prism will restrict a players access to unlimited colorless energy while still giving them the opportunity to produce it.


Finally as some of the characters grew more and more powerful and with it their point costs, I wanted to give players an opportunity to produce large amounts of energy and further manipulate what was available.

First is The Singularity, the idea behind this card was chain reaction that increased its energy production as you used it. Effectively this can allow you to produce one unit of energy extra each turn as though you were putting a new Foothold into play each turn. The drawback of this card is that you will quickly be producing enough energy to bring powerful cards into play and it will become useless if you have less expensive cards to play.


Lastly is Repository; possibly the most valuable advanced Foothold as there is no inherent disadvantage to possessing or utilizing it. Repository will allow you store energy for later use, it is the most basic of the advanced Footholds and is essential if you have powerful cards you want to play quickly.


I hope these advance Footholds will add another dimension to the game and I look forward to creating more in Series 3 and beyond.



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