Epic Cards Pt.26: DC Characters

And we are back, with the first batch of series 2 characters I wanted to get in some classics and new comers of DC villainy.

First we will start off with Wonder Woman enemy Ares. Gods are a little different in DC and seem to be bound by certain restrictions that stop them from using what we would call God-like power so I put Ares on the top of the super being scale with the ability to climb higher as war feeds hiss power.

Next for Wonder Woman we have the sorceress Circle. Circle’s main thing (other than magic) is turning people into animals so I gave her this ability along with her magic.


Next up We will tackle some of Aquaman‘s rivals which have evolved a little over the years. First is Ocean master, Aquaman’s brother who has a helm that allows him to control water and create maelstroms and a Trident that fires blasts of lightning. Ocen master is similar in physiology to Aquaman so I gave the the same basic stats.

Next up we have King Shark a strong mutated Shark, In at least one iteration he is the son of a shark god. While originally a member of the Superboy rogue gallery, he find his way into Aquaman (which I feel is appropriate) and eventually a member of the suicide squad. All and all, King shark is a powerful shark.

Ocean MasterKing Shark

Next up we will take a look at Flash‘s apply named Rogues. Many of Flash’s enemies are characterized by utilizing weapons rather than having innate abilities however a handful of these characters recently altered their DNA using a machine that used their weapons’s as a template to give them their powers. In ret-con Captain Cold has these powers taken away and while some of the others have kept their abilities it has yet to be seen if they will be changed as well. For now Captain Cold will be as readers are most familiar with, a man with a cold-gun.

Mirror Master is one of those characters that now (due to DNA recombination, has been gifted with powers he formally relied on a gadget to produce. I gave him the ability to Paralyze opponents but (like in the comics) trap them in the Mirror-verse.

Next we have a fan favorite Gorilla Grodd. Like King Shark, Grodd is a strong, and highly intelligent. Grodd has Mental powers that allows him to take control other characters.

Captain ColdMirror MasterGorilla Grodd

Our final two characters are more recent foes of the Green Lantern, who at the core are merely multicolored clones. First is Atrocitus leader of the Red Lanterns, who, like Sinestro can create Yellow lanterns, can create more Red Lanterns from those characters with Rage.

Finally Larfleeze, the Orange Lantern can create lanterns from the Orange light of his power battery rather then giving out rings. Most Lanterns, regardless of their color get the same benefits however the individual characters bring their natural attributes with them in addition to the specific emotional influence of the spectrum.


Until next week when we look at the many foes of Spiderman;



2 thoughts on “Epic Cards Pt.26: DC Characters

    • 1. Ty.
      2. Yeah I meant “All untapped charadacters must attack”. I’ll change that, I was thinking it might be confusing is your opponent has no characters or the characters are invisible/intangible and you can’t attack.

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