Epic Cards Pt.28: Image Characters

This week we’re going to take a look at some new image characters and some classics.

First up we have Angela a love interest slash villain of Spawn. Angela has since evolved as a character and moved between worlds. Most recently she is a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy and half-sister to Thor she still an angel but what that means changes definitions in between universes. because of the change I gave her Arch Enemy for Magical Beings rather than demons, but her lance remains holy and mmore effective against demons

Violator is the original enemy for spawn. A Demon shape-shifter with claws and horns I felt I should give him his alter Ego Clown who is manipulative and cunning, opposed to dangerous.


Badrock is a big strong member of Youngblood. Even though his powers are his stone like skin and his incredible strength this hero tends to use big giant guns so I felt it was necessary to give him a rather powerful firearm.

An isz is a creature from the Outback, the most confusing thing about this character is that the Outback is a hallucination of the character the Maxx and yet the isz tends to appear in Maxx’s reality. It’s not really clear whether or not Maxx is hallucinating these beings however they have an effect on the real world and their abilities seem to be that they are able to impersonate humans without humans noticing,  and there always seems to be more of them so I gave them Swarm.

Darkchylde is half demon shape-shifter. While appearing in a very limited series and select crossovers, Darkchylde was a very popular character and fringe favorite. This may be because of the Scantly clad female lead, but who’s to tell? As her main power is shape-shifting into a demonic form I wanted to give her the ability to increase her stats and Fly (as the character sometimes grows wings. another aspect of the character is that she blacks out when transforming and looses control so I included this in her transformation ability.


Infidel is a time traveling despot from Astro City and antagonist to Samaritan. He is a despot that displaces a slaves from various periods in time and grows his power and empire, Until Samaritan ruins it all for him and he turns to vengeance. he wields incredible time manipulation energies and magical powers so I gave him this ability to be outside of time.

Jack in the Box is a character who uses gadgets based on clown themes to be a hero of Astro City. these include Streamers that incapacitate and electric projectiles, which I felt would be in enough supply to warrant firearm status. He also is equipped with springs in his boots to let him attack flying characters.

Samaritan is the classic Superman archetype in Astro City, near invulnerable and super strong with the ability to Fly. Samaritan travels through time and is unaffected by changes in it so I gave him the same ability as Infidel, I also Gave him personal teleport because he also travels through dimensions.

infidelJack in the BoxSamaritan

The zombies from the acclaimed series The Walking Dead needed to be the Zombie archetype for this game. As in the comic books they are of scientific origin rather than magic. They aren’t powerful individually but if you build an army of them there are pretty good chances you will start converting you’r opponent characters into zombies as well.

The Walking Dead


That’s all folks,



One thought on “Epic Cards Pt.28: Image Characters

  1. Angela: As an Angel wouldn’t she be more attune to having a +2C to anything defiant to ‘God’, so lets say other ‘gods’ and ‘supernatural’ / ‘magical’ beings?
    Badrock: He seems…. cheap, given the power of his abilities… shouldn’t he be at least a 7 or 8?
    Darkchylde: If Badrock is that cheap, shouldn’t she be on par?

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