Epic Cards Pt.27: Marvel Characters

This week we will look at Spider-Man’s rogue gallery. First up is Electro, and electrically charged villain he has the ability to create absorb and charge up his electrical blast so I wanted to give him the ability to charge up and hit harder.

Next is Kraven, a poacher and hunter, Kraven can act much like a savage predator but he can also utilize his knowledge of nature to increase his abilities and augment them giving him Keen Senses and Rejuvenate.

ElectroKraven the Hunter


The Lizard is a strong agile opponent with regenerative abilities due to his recombinant DNA. I gave him Heal because I felt his abilities didn’t justify the level of Regenerate, he really needs to stop and recover.

Mysterio is interesting as he can do significant damage to an opponent but relies on Trickery and Illusion to do so. To demonstrate this I gave him booby traps and I wanted to give him an ability beyond mere Illusionist so I gave him the deception ability.

Like Electro, Rhino is another villain who I felt could do more damage with a charged attack. Essentially Rhino has increased strength and a suit of stone like armor giving him increased durability as well.



Sandman is a character that can change the size and shape of his body as it is made from a sand like substance. His main weakness is when he is attacked by a heat based attack his body is transformed into glass costing him his fluidic nature. I felt he was pretty hard to injure and was capable of a strong attack.

Scorpion is a villain genetically altered and technologically designed to counter Spider-Man. His suit contains a toxin and his strength and resistance to injury, are minimally equal to Spider-Man.



Venom is a favorite Spider-Man foe for many, so I felt I need to do the character justice. Venom has all of Spider-Man’s equivalent abilities due to the symbiote that once possessed the wall-crawler himself. However due to its alien nature the symbiote enhances these abilities and makes him stronger than Spider-Man. Venom is also immune to Spider-Man’s Web-sense, so I made him immune to Spider-Man’s counter-attack ability and the symbiote has the additional vulnerability to Sonic attack.

The final enemy that will look at today is the Vulture. Effectively the Vulture’s only power is that of flight but I feel it is necessary to make a differentiation between the characters who fly as a form of transport or levitation and a character who flies to attack his opponent so I gave him a swooping attack.


Ironically off to the comic book store,




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