Epic Cards Pt.29: Items

Apocalypse Bowl Disruptor Halo Batteries H-Dial Helmet of Fate Mother Box Orb of Power Spear of Destiny X-O Manowar Armor


One thought on “Epic Cards Pt.29: Items

  1. After a successful Beta test this past weekend there are many changes to make, I’ll be editing the cards from set 1 soon but as I was behind on production I needed to pump out some packs.

    The updates are already applied to these pack 27-29, i’ll be editing pack 25-26 later so that set 2 will be current with the new rule-book when available.

    Some quick changes of note when playing. 1: we are testing the recruit and equip phase occuring before the combat phase, and Psi will change again in the following way:

    Psi: X, becomes Energy Blast (Psi): X (for characters with pyrokenetic abilities)
    Psi: X, becomes Thrown Objects: X (for characters with telekenetic abilities)

    Psi (explicit): X, becomes Psi: X (will work like Psi so most values for Psi explicit will be doubled.

    Psi (latent) remains unchanged

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