Epic Cards Pt.30: DC Characters

This week I’m going to take a look at some of DC’s younger Heroes, first up is Batgirl. Originally a teenage female counterpart of Batman himself, Batgirl when through a transformation after the Joker shot her and crippled her. She soon became Oracle, a hacker and organizer of Gotham’s Heroes I wanted to be included on her card so I gave her the ability relay information to the player while in the holding area. This is in addition to her original skills as a fighter.

Next up is another Batman Protege, Nightwing. Like Batman Nightwing’s agile and a skilled fighter in his own right. In addition to this I gave him his trademark Escriminata weapons.

While Nightwing is the original Robin several others take up the mantle after him latest in this line is Damian Wayne Batman son. Train by League of Assassins who’s Robin is a skilled fighter with blades, bo-staff and shuriken

After Robin I wanted to focus on his teammates on the Teen Titans first is Wonder Girl. Like Donald Troy before her and Wonder Woman before that Wonder girl has a golden lasso with magical abilities comma she also has increased strength and speed and fighting skill.

Next is a fan-favorite, Beast Boy. With the ability to turn into any animal that has ever existed on Earth Beast Boy has the ability to change himself and his ability set.

Another younger version of a classic DC hero in this case his son, we have Kid Flash. Granted the same abilities as the Flash but to a lesser degree I wanted to give him the ability to generate tornadoes to attack and give him his trademark super speed.

While there have been a few different versions of Superboy over the years I wanted to focus on the one that appeared shortly after Superman’s death back in the 90s. Superboy was created, he is not Kryptonian but his powers and abilities work out to be the same. Instead of having Kryptonian sells he generates a kind of telekinetic Kryptonian field around himself this has of course been Rewritten and changed over the years but he is basically a younger weaker version of the Man of Steel.

One final member of the classic Teen Titans is Raven. Raven is the daughter of the dark Lorde tarragon why she has access to powerful Magic overuse of this ability can turn her against her friends so I included this demonic side on her card.

Next we have another young version in this case Arsenal or red arrow. Like the Green Arrow he’s well-trained in different forms of combat but is especially skilled with a bow almost never missing his Target.Arsenal Beast Boy Kid Flash Raven Batgirl Nightwing Robin Superboy Wonder Girl


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