Epic Cards Pt.31: Marvel Characters

In the 90s we saw Marvel diversify their Avengers line and add more characters even branching off the form a West Coast Avengers. As the movies continue to develop and marble retires some of the actors and with them the characters that portrayed will soon see these characters on the big screen first off are a couple that joined the first rendition of The Avengers film franchise. Black Widow is a former Soviet spy turn hero. She is well-trained in close combat as well as weapons and has a signature electrical device on her wrist she calls the widow’s bite.

Next we have Hawkeye who was originally a criminal recruited for The Avengers by Captain America who saw potential in him. He has incredible Marksmanship and fighting ability. Equipped with a bow and trick arrows he can diversify his attack I gave him some of the arrows that have appeared in the comic books.

Next we have Hank Pym, pin could never decide on what kind of here he wanted to be a genius inventor who created Ultron he has become at least two famous superheroes both of Giant-Man and Ant-Man. I didn’t want to make two different versions of the same character so I included both profiles on the same card at the star of a turn the player who brings pin into play decides which character they want to play with.

Next we have vision comma an Android created by Ultron vision has the ability to change his molecular density at will be coming in tangible or supermassive.

Long-standing member of The Avengers, War Machine is an alternate version of Iron Man. James Rhodes dons a powerful weaponized suit of armor similar to Iron Man’s but with more Firepower

Like Hawkeye Wonder Man is a former Criminal. Originally made as a weapon by Hydra to use against the Avengers he has a change of conscience and becomes an Avenger himself Wonder men’s body is made of pure energy giving him the ability to create powerful energy blasts fly and be very resistant to injury.

Spider-Woman is a shield project to recreate Spiderman’s abilities Jessica Drew become spider like almost more than Spider-Man himself she has a bioelectric sting that she can use to paralyze her opponents

She-Hulk is the cousin of the original Hulk do to a blood transfusion she gains Hulk likability is herself. She isn’t as powerful as the Halt and doesn’t increase in strength when she gets angry. an interesting aspect of the She-Hulk Comics is that she hope breaks the fourth wall addressing the audience as if she was aware that she is a character with in the comic book itself; to represent this I gave her the ability to draw an extra card representing the ability of the character to interact with the player himself.

Finally we have the Scarlet Witch. Daughter of Magneto, I’m mutant with the ability to alter reality itself. Wanda has hex power which basically means she has the ability to make things more chaotic, this could be somewhat seen as luck and sometimes devastating reality-altering Magic. I tried to represent these abilities by giving her the ability to negate attacks against her, and further negate plot twists that are brought into play.

Black Widow Hank Pym Hawkeye Scarlet Witch She-Hulk Spider Woman Vision War Machine Wonder Man


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