Epic Cards Pt.32: Vertigo Characters

The ComedianDeath Gwen Dylan Mina Murray Silk Spectre Spartans King Mob  Tim Hunter Vampires


4 thoughts on “Epic Cards Pt.32: Vertigo Characters

  1. King Mob: need to correct human, also psichic should be psychic.
    Tim Hunter: his cost is way to high even though he can keep tapping he should cost somewhere around 3 or 4.

  2. Also we need to put some more thought about characters that cost more then 10 points. By the time you can bring 10 point characters in to play the game is generally over and the fun you could have with that character is either miniscule or none existent.

    • I had it in my head that only “Gods” cost more than 10… Originally I hadn’t planned on putting “Gods” in the game but as I progressed I found that there are many gods as the main characters of many universes.

  3. your right for Tim Hunter and Thank you for King Mob.

    I agree with you for the point value but there are two problems:
    1. If we maximize characters at 10 then a character valued at 9.5 and a character valued at 13 will both have the same point value but a character with a 13 value is way stronger than the 9.5 point character.
    2. the only way to fix this is that i see is to apply some kind of equation that will lower all point values to a maximum of 10, but leave lower point values unaffected.

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