Epic Cards Pt.49: Footholds

This will be my first post for Series 3 and my last post before retroactively editing the bulk of Series 1 and 2 and adding post design commentary.

I hope in adding commentary to these posts to explain the intended function and origin of abstract abilities and point costs.

The first six Footholds of this set are duplicates of the six Origin Footholds from Series 1 Set 1 with different artwork. I thought as the collection grew that it was important to add some variety. There are two types of Footholds; Basic and Advanced. While the advanced Footholds allow players to strategize and add a complexity to the game, basic Footholds will always be needed to provide the core energy requirements.


Next I wanted to add a few advanced Footholds, the first of which is Soul Siphon. I see the advanced footholds as a way to produce energy in the absence of a basic foothold. How a player can do this has taken a few different forms.

First was the Idea that you can draw energy from abstract forms that are embodied in the comic book characters, items and events, this would allow us to play games that steeped outside of the boundaries of one universe against another.

Next came the Idea that there could be footholds that would be played in conjunction with existing ones to manipulate the energy produced, storing it, converting it into other forms.

Finally I’ve imagined this energy to exist between Universes and Multiverses, that it bleeds through and permeates all of existence and is in essence, what you the player, are constructed from.

Soul Siphon focuses on the later principle. As a Beyonder, your life force is composed of the same energy that allows you to manipulate the fabric of space-time and bring characters and items into play. This card gives your the ability to steal that life force or energy from another player.


The Next advanced Foothold is Cancerverse a dimension of pure chaos. Originally a Marvel universe concept, The Cancerverse is representative of a universe without death. While Marvel approached this a means to introduce evil and immortal versions of classic characters, I would like to present it as abstract.

This Foothold allows you to draw energy from wasted energy, through this foothold you can tap into ambient potential and give rise to life. Like Soul Siphon this card allows you to attack your opponent while strengthening yourself. Cancerverse is also counteracted by Repository, an advanced Foothold from Series 2.


Finally is Alter of Sacrifice. The idea behind this card is that if you use energy to bring characters into this realm banishing them should give you access to this energy once more. I felt having this as a universal ability would break the game but perhaps as a Foothold it will add for some more strategy. Like Repository, this card will allow you to build up a large reserve to use later or to amalgamate limited energy reserves.



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