Epic Cards Pt.50: DC Characters

I’m happy to bring more DC characters to life this week in the first series 3 character installment.

First up this week is Supergirl. Not the most exciting character since she is all but Identical to Superman. The one aspect of distinction is that she has Rage which Superman does not, this is reflective of the new angrier character and give her access to the Red Lantern ring I will make later this year (hopefully) or in combination with Atrocious.

Second is Red Hood, Jason Todd’s resurrected character. Agile and trained in both close combat and firearms, Red Hood’s specialty is his Pistols.

Next Is another character closely tied to a member of the Justice League. Here we have Donna Troy. Very similar to Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl, I needed to find Donna Troy a place between the two. Like Wonder Woman I gave her the Bracelets where Wonder Girl has the lasso. As the character has been re-imagined several times its hard to pinpoint her exact power level so I’ve interpreted the most recent power set.

SupergirlRed HoodDonna Troy

Next we have a couple of second string Justice League members, Not insinuating that they aren’t interesting or valuable in their own right, just that they are not the first members that come to mind.

With Plastic man we have a character who is pretty much invincible as his molecular structure is something like a non-Newtonian fluid. His control over his density gives him super strength as well as the ability to withstand nearly any attack so I gave him the ability to strengthen his attack or defense. He is immune to Psi as he is not organic.

Vixen has the ability to channel the ability of any animal, so I tried to give her abilities most closely associated​ with animals. I gave her keen senses as most animals will naturally impart this ability on her and the ability to either increase her attack or defense.

Plastic ManVixen

Our next hero Mr. Miracle, like Darksied is a New God which, unlike Gods, are immortal beings with incredible power from another world. Mr. Miracle has technology he has created that gives him access to certain powers like disks that make him fly and a mother box that grants him teleport. In addition to this he also has natural strength, invulnerability and healing as a New God. Finally he is the son of High Father and has access to the Alpha Effect which gives him a whole slew of abilities like bringing back the dead.

After the God like Mr. Miracle we have the samurai Katana. Other than her combat skills Katana has a sword that traps the souls of those she kills, I thought this might be interesting if we allowed her to prevent those with reincarnate from returning.


Mr. MiracleKatana

Our final 2 heroes are Doctor Fate and Blue Beetle. Doctor Fate is one of the most powerful magic users in the DC multiverse bit he attains this level through the use of 2 talismans that enhance his powers the Helm of Nabu and the Amulet of Anubis. It is not clearly defined which talisman gives him what power most of the time but both supposedly​ boost his magical abilities.

Blue Beetle is the third incarnation of the Hero and has access to an ancient alien artifact/symbiote that gives him a suit of armor with flight, sensors and weapon capabilities including a blue energy blast. The suit is responsible for all all his abilities but because he is a sentient machine it can repair itself and restructure, to demonstrate this I wanted Blue Beetle to tap if the suit was damaged and I wanted him to loose his abilities for a time in the process.

Doctor FateBlue Beetle

Glad to do some new cards under my belt after spending the past few months on other things and retroactively adapting old cards to rule changes.

I hope to keep up with 1 or 2 new posts each week in addition to 4 or 5 updates for the next 2 months.



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