Epic Cards Pt.51: Marvel Characters

Hello casual passerby.

I wanted to do something special this week, I planned on doing something like this before but the timing was never right this set will be dedicated to a few more marvel heroes, this past week Marvel released a trailer for the new Cloak and Dagger series and coincidentally I’ve included them in this set so check out the trailer before we start:

Cloak has the ability to generate dark energy around his body, this allows him to move through shadows or trap opponents in this negative space. I’ve given him both offensive and defensive teleport to represent this. He can also hide in shadows and become intangible. using the Darkforce he can attack his opponents with Dark Energy tendrils or generate a Field to protect himself, I’ve included the later in his stats and the former as his Energy Blast. Finally his association with Dagger is more than convenience it is essential. only Dagger has been shown to generate the Life force Cloak needs to feed on to survive. I felt I would show this by requiring him to feed off of Dagger’s light if he is wounded, but if he does not feed Cloak casts a dark veil over the battleground and I felt the best way to represent that would be to forgo the attack phase. This is a extreme weakness so I also felt it necessary to allow Cloak to find and call Dagger to him, which is not to far from what we see in the books as they are always together.

Dagger is the opposite of Cloak, She can make physical Light from life energy that she generates. This Light usually takes the form of Light Daggers which I felt would be easier to represent as an energy blast than a limitless supply of light projectiles (it works out the same way in the game). Dagger also has healing abilities for herself and an antitoxin cleansing force that I’ve used to give her anti-poison. Finally just as Cloak can find her, so too can she find him.


It feels so strange that I haven’t gotten to Namor yet, One of Marvel’s first characters he is a mutant Atlantian with the power of flight and strongly enhanced physical attributes.

Hercules is a demigod with incredible strength and near-invincibility. Hercules also has assorted artifacts from his centuries of adventure which make him even more powerful, in the comic books he is often reluctant to use these items as he craves a challenge and doesn’t want an unfair advantage. I tried to include this as part of his armor.


Valkyrie is an Asgardian with stats that put her near the upper limit for super humans. Her sword is a magical electricity absorbing blade and is hidden is a pocket dimension so it can’t be knocked away unless she arms herself with it which I tried to demonstrate by making it only knocked away through counter attack. Finally Valkyrie has the ability to transport herself to Valhalla so I gave her a personal teleport.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents have stats of trained military agents and a firearm. I gave them the ability to increase their attack or defense representing any additional weapons or equipment an agent would have access to. One of the key advantages of S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents is that they use Life Model Decoys (or LMDs) indistinguishable from real humans for this I gave them the ability to convert an agent to an LMD.

ValkyrieS.H.I.E.L.D Agents

Next is an interesting entry. Marvel recently re-imagined an old comic book about a caveman called Moon Boy and his friend Devil Dinosaur as a child savant that calls herself Moon Girl and the same hyper intelligent dinosaur. As part of the story Luna (Moon Girl) finds out she is an inhuman and tries to find ways of resisting the eminent transformation. When she inevitably goes through terrigenisis she gains the ability to switch bodies with Devil Dinosaur this and several factors led me to include them both on one card. The stats are that of Devil Dinosaur, an Intelligent Tyrannosaurus Rex Moon Girl enables the Tech component and their duality allows one to operate without the other.

Squirrel Girl is a character growing in popularity. She has a strange power set which leads to the comedy of her existence. She has the powers of a squirrel and can command them. She is often underestimated by opponents which leads to their downfall. A prehensile tail gives her a third limb which I interpreted as Counter Attack. She can leap so I gave her Reach and her combat skills combined with knuckle spikes and speed put her at the mid-superhuman level. Finally her most valuable asset is an army of squirrels which turns out to be quite formidable so I gave her the ability to attack at the uppermost level or to to attack twice.

Moon Girl and Devil DinosaurSquirrel Girl

And finally we have Franklin Richards son of the Fantastic Four and future super-powerful omniscient being. First off I needed to make him a child so I gave him child stats and a roll to attack (as no child would rush in to proficiently attack, so sometimes it doesn’t work, sometimes he gets scared and sometimes he sees a butterfly). Next was deciphering his powers that allow him to defend or attack psionically at the highest level (even as a child) and his other mental gifts like telepathy and precognition. His reality warping powers were another problem, I wanted to give him magic like abilities to recreate almost any effect, but that wasn’t enough,  there are no common or random abilities that allow him to alter time or create pocket universes so I decided to give him the ability to draw any incident and play it for free. An expensive ability but probably the most accurate for his power set.

Franklin Richards

I hope you enjoy these cards,

See you next time.



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