Epic Cards Pt.52: Image Characters

Happy international Superhero Day!

This week we go back to black and take a look at some too often overlooked Image characters. In this series of cards and the previous two I’ve been producing Image Characters at a 1:6 ration to Marvel (the biggest publisher). as Image is developing new titles and has a larger bank of characters than I originally anticipated When I change the release format for Series 4 I will be changing the ratio to 1:2 as well as doubling the ratio for all black character-cards to account for the variety of publishers I have discovered since I began.

In an effort to add something more tangible to these posts and as it seems the Universe is working with me, This week the trade paperback for Surgeon X was released, I’m in the process of reading it and it its an interesting read so far, check it out here

Surgeon X is a character who brings her universe with her. A doctor from a futuristic world where antibiotics are overused and have become ineffective she is a skilled human with the ability to heal other characters (or maybe pull a bullet out of herself). Her Meta-power is that she brings super-bugs with her and any character injured while she is in play find it more difficult to heal.

Surgeon X

Hollywood has been exploding with comic book based stories for over a decade, 2 new announcements have been in relation to these two characters.

First is Tony Chu from the series Chew. Tony is an former CIA agent with a strange ability he can see the final moments of the food he eats. I’m not very familiar with the character but there is at least one case where he voluntarily ingests part of a murderer to find his victims after accidentally ingesting part of one victim. So the Idea I had was if Tony (the cannibal) Chu, sees a killed hero on the battle field he gives him a little taste and then point one of his team mates in the right direction for revenge. I felt it was a good interpretation of the character’s abilities that aren’t really adapted for direct confrontation.

Allen is a popular character featured in the series Invincible which has also recently been announced as getting a film adaptation. Allen is an Enhanced Unopan (one eyed alien) he has Flight, Telepathy, increased strength, speed and Durability to the upper most level of most super-humans. He was genetically engineered to be a weapon against Viltrumites who have Superman like abilities.

Tony ChuAllen

Next we have some Youngblood, first up is Chapel, A mercenary with some enhancement drugs. He’s a good fighter with some high tech government weaponry. Next is Diehard, The Cyborg of the group, His body is the perfect symbiosis of man and machine, expertly trained and resilient with built in weaponry.


Next I wanted to include Battle Pope, the predecessor project of the creators of the Walking Dead; Battle Pope is a sinful pope who survives the rapture and is partnered with Jesus to save Saint Micheal from Lucifer. He spends most of his time battling demons, drinking and having sex. Because Battle Pope comes into play after the rapture, I felt it fitting to cause the same return of the dead with his arrival.

Kevin Matchstick is a modern day reincarnation of King Arthur, His bat is enchanted and indestructible giving him incredible power as a warrior and healing abilities. Kevin is given powers from proximity to the bat and eventually internalizes the powers so I felt there was no need for him to lose the powers if The Bat is knocked away (also he can mentally recall it).

Battle PopeKevin Matchstick

This brings us to Prophet, A genetically engineered super-soldier sent to the future and acts as a template for warrior clones of an evil galactic empire. I was not a follower of the original series and there has been a lot of ret-con on this character. The basic premise is he is the strongest human warrior, he blends together the use of firearms (which are more like energy-cannons in the comics) and Melee weapons which he uses at the same proficiency and strength as firearms. I tried to reflect the ideas in the comics as closely as I could for this character.

Speaking of ret-con, The Heap is a really old character that was originally a swamp monster, after being reborn in the pages of spawn, The Heap is a pile of garbage (literally) that comes to life and acts as an avatar of Greenworld. Greenworld is a third power opposing Heaven and Hell and represents nature itself. The Heap seems to be (most o the time) a mindless combatant, strong and indestructible, his main power is to transport others to Greenworld by swallowing them whole. while I contemplated limiting The Heap’s transport to close combat it seemed like he was just as likely (given his metamorphic composition) to grab a character out of the sky to eat him.

ProphetThe Heap

I hope most of these characters satisfy, I’m a little behind where I hoped I would be after taking the month of March off, which I hadn’t actually anticipated. But I am retroactively editing series 1 and 2 right now to adjust to rule evolution. Next week I will finish up Series 1 characters (Pt.1 – 24) and get out Pt. 53 which will bring five new items into the game.

I hope I can speed up a little as I have this week and Finish off the editing process and half of series 3 by June.

here is hoping, Excelsior.


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