Epic Cards Pt.53: Items

Greetings people, this week is Epic cards we turn our attention to Items. First up is a strange one. From the minds of DC comics is the Anti-Life Equation, not so much a physical item but rather an idea. The Anti-Life Equation is a secret that once learned can be used to command any being in existence. In retrospect it is very similar to the power the Preacher wields. I wanted to make it a little more than the Enslave ability that can be broken by attacking the enslaved character and snapping him out of it, this character needs to follow the commands he is given.

Anti-Life Equation

Vibranium is a material that has been used to forge a variety of weapons in the Marvel universe. Its core attribute is that it absorbs energy. I felt it warranted Resistant: Energy Blast and depending on the type of weapon a character is equipped with either an increase in attack strength or defense.

The Infinity Gauntlet itself has no powers, instead it is a tool that allows the character to control the Infinity Gems. I struggled with making this item and ultimately decided that each stone should have restrictions on its use and that the infinity gauntlet would lift these restrictions and increase proficiency.

The Overwhelming attribute of each stone, like their abilities, are different. One of these restrictions is that no character can possess more than one gem. As each stone attributes powers and abilities I hope I worded this card in such a way that it doesn’t create confusion. the Time Gem for example is the only stone that acquires markers so where it would acquire 1 before it would acquire two with the Gauntlet. The Space Gem allows the character to use Offensive teleport, as a character taps to activate this trait they may teleport two characters with a single action if using the gauntlet. Finally the Gauntlet increases power and stats granted by the stones; The Power Gem grants both and so each increase is further increased by +1.

Vibranium WeaponInfinity Gauntlet

Next up is Lady Death’s second sword. Equipped with a blade forged in hell when iit breaks she is in dire need of a more powerful  one. forged by an Asgardian using a multitude of magical incantations the sword has blood lust making it vampiric. It compels the wielder to draw blood so I had it give the character Rage it the character keeps the sword fed, the sword will empower the character but if not its blood lust will force it turn to on the wielder.

The Serpent Crown is a helm created by the serpent God Set, it allows the character to reach superhuman status and acquire magical and Mental powers.

The Eye of Agamotto allows the character to see the future and the present I wanted it to convey telepathy ad precognition on the character but I wanted the character to also be able to see into his own future.

NightmareThe Serpent CrownEye of Agamotto

In Echo Julie is bonded to a nanite armor that increases her physical stature and gives her the ability to fly and generates electrical burst of energy to defend her, as she and the suit become more bonded it is revealed that the armor also has regenerative capabilities.

The Cosmic Cube is an extra-dimensional energy matrix that allows the character controlling it to alter reality and bend it to his/her will. It provides the energy to warp reality but to a limited capacity and also the character to  bring incidents into play reflecting reality warping capabilities.

The M’Kraan is an entire universe trapped in a crystal, the universe is filled with Neutron stars capable of destroying our universe and is the location of the nexus of all realities known as the White Hot Room. I wanted to incorporate both of these aspects into the crystal so I made it a dimension all to itself where characters can be isolated to battle outside of the larger war. the danger of using the crystal is that it destroys the universe and recreates it so each turn the crystal is in use I wanted there to be a chance the universe will be destroyed.

Alloy 618Cosmic CubeMKraan Crystal

There have been some powerful Items this week, I hope I did them Justice.

Until next time,



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