Epic Cards Pt.54: DC Characters

It was just over a month ago that Warner Bros. teased audiences with this image as an April fool’s joke. As the release date for the game draws closer and I have already finished all (but one) of the characters that have been announced for the game I thought I might give life to some rumored characters and others that most definitely will not appear.

Wonder Twins

That is right, first up this week are The Wonder Twins. While only making limited appearances in various comic books that have grown in popular culture. I wanted to make both characters on a single card to emphasize that they are inseparable. as a result they have two distinct power sets and two separate attacks but one set of wounds. a player can they decide to have them work as an attacking force or a defending force or strategically having each twin use their powers to benefit the other.

Zan has the power to become any inorganic material like steel or sand so I gave him powers that allowed him to mimic various states of matter. Jayna’s powers allow her to shape shift into any living creature so I gave her the most animalistic traits.

The Wonder Twins

Next up we have two characters that fans wanted to see in Injustice 2 (who knows maybe they will be DLC) but have yet to make an appearance. Booster Gold is a character that reflects his portrayal in the comics. most don’t like him and think he is a ridiculous character but DC has done some interesting things with him as a result. His powers all stem from various future tech he steals before traveling back in time to become a super hero. Since each piece operates independently like a gadget, I felt is necessary to make each component fairly separate on the character.

Static, from Static Shock, is a cult favorite character. This young mechanical savant gains the ability to manipulate, absorb and control electro-magnetic waves. I tried to make his power levels reflective of the comic book while being true to the nature of the character an his inexperience.

Booster GoldStatic

If you are up to date with the WB’s Arrow you may be familiar with Ragman, while he is more magical in origin in the comics many of the characteristics are the same. after dawning a costume of discarded rags to avenge the deaths of his friends and father, a young man finds himself endowed with their strengths. As he adds the tatered rags of further victims of crime he gains their strength and I tried to symbolize that. finally he has the ability to teleport where he is needed and I felt this is different than teleportation in the game which is typically a form of escape.

Frankenstein is DC’s re-imagining of the classic character, but it is at its essence the same character. here Frankenstein has gained years of experience fighting evil and has become a great fighter.


For our final four I chose some older characters that have been given new life in recent years and one fairly new character. Batwing is a more recent and quite successful character in his own right. Bruce Wayne decides to fund an international co-operative of vigilantes tied to Batman. One of the most successful is Batwing, an armored version of Batman that takes place in the Democratic Republic of the Congo A trained fighter and engineer he is the son of one of Batman’s closest allies Lucius Fox.

Blue Devil was originally a stunt man who built a costume so convincing that a demon mistook him for another demon. In the ensuing battle (and over years of development), the Blue devil is (at first) magically fused with his exoskelital stunt suit and eventually turned into a half demon. as the comics eventually evolve the character and replace his tech with magical abilities he is given the Trident of Lucifer which tasks him with hunting down demons and returning them to hell.

Adam Strange was originally a sci-fi book about a man transported across the galaxy for random adventures. Now the character, while vary much the same, is the protector of this planet. He is equipped with a Jet Pack and Energy gun; I felt that like The Rocketeer, the character was defined by the Jet-pack, so I made the item integral to the character by not listing it on the card.

Finally we have Animal Man, genetically engineered by aliens to be connected to all living creatures through a type of life force, Animal man has the (fairly common ability in DC) to understand, connect to and transform into various animals. Unlike some others he can use these abilities to create a Chimera like form with various attributes and if killed the life force transfers his consciousness, to various life forms and regrows him a new body.

BatwingBlue DevilAdam StrangeAnimal Man

This has been a really tough one, I hope everyone enjoys; Oh and that one character from Injustice that I haven’t done yet is coming shortly, I don’t really consider Swamp Thing a mainstream DC character as most of his adventures seem to take place outside of the main DC universe. Many people will disagree as most of the Swamp Thing comics have a DC logo on the cover this is before the concept o a shared universe appeared and Vertigo existed.

We can Argue that all of Vertigo or parts of it exist inside the DC universe, or that Vertigo is merely a lens through which the viewer looks into DC and Elseworld universes at times. As Vertigo characters can be paid for in either Blue or Black energy it becomes a matter of organization and ultimately frivolous.

Until next time, Excelsior.


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