Epic Cards Pt.55: Marvel Characters

For anyone waiting around for this post (yeah I’m talking to you Captain Sweatpants), I’m sorry for it lateness. When doing research for new cards I inevitably stumble upon characters that I initially overlooked or newer characters that have become more prominent. There are two phases when making a new card, first creating the card image, then adding text. For me creating the images ensures their future production and I took a few days this week to produce another fifty characters.

First up this week will be a few characters from the British X-Men known as Excalibur. Captain Britain isn’t a mutant, Instead he is the magically endowed protector of Britain. He has died and been recreated, where originally his power came from mystical artifacts, his rebirth has given him thier original attributes. His powers are flight and super strength, speed and durability. His new magical Birthright gives him the ability to increase his power based on his own personal will and the faith of the people of Britain. I tried to symbolize this attribute by increasing his power from conciously tap to draw on the faith of his people.

Marvel Girl is Rachel Grey, daughter of Jean Grey with similar powers. Her powers or more pyrokenetic and telekenetic than telepathic.

Captain BritainMarvel Girl

Sage is a new member of Excalibur. She was made a member of the X-Men after being a planted operative in the Hellfire Club by Xavier. Her key abilities are that her brain works like a computer storing information and allowing her to look at a person and read their DNA, this also gives her the ability to alter a person’s DNA and activate dormant mutant genes.

Jubilee is a character who has gone quite a transformation. Originally a mutant with the ability to generate energized light plasma, she has since lost her powers and been transformed into a vampire with a hole new set of vampire abilities. One strange thing is that in the comics Jubilee is treated with a serum of Wolverine‘s Blood that cures her of her Vampire vulnerabilities.


Next we have a few somtimes villains. I say sometimes because often priorities change and we have heroes and villains teaming up. First is Lady Deathstrike, a woman scorned by Wolverine and driven by revenge. She undergoes a similar process that uses magic and nanites to help bond her skeleton with adamantium and give her a healing factor.

Most people think Quicksilver is a hero and while he isn’t necessarily a villain he has aligned himself many times with his father Magneto and the Brotherhood. His power is essentially super-speed, but he doesn’t regularly exhibit any of the abilities associated with the uppermost levels of super human speed so I tried to limit him to what we’ve seen in the comic book.

Lady Deathstrike Quicksilver

Sunspot is an older character, a New Mutant before joining Cable’s X-Force and then eventually the X-Men, Sunspot can absorb solar radiation and redirect it.  He stores heat and light in his body and can emit it later as either Heat or Plasma

Next we have Blink, a refugee from the Age of Apocalypse who has the ability to generate daggers that open teleportation portals which she can then use to teleport herself or others. This was my favorite character from the Age of Apocalypse story line and I’m glad to she made the jump (pun intended) over to the 616.


Finally we have Three in One, better known as the Stepford Cookoos. These three are there survivors of five clones of Emma Frost. As clones they have identical powers however they share an ability to join there minds and become stronger than Emma. Their combined abilities allow them to take control of other characters and to cloud their perception with illusions.

Because they are three characters and their power’s strength is dependent on the three of them contributing I wanted to give them more wounds than a single character and make their powers dependant on wounds remaining.

The Stepford Cookoos

Well thats it for this week.



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