Epic Cards Pt.56: Vertigo Characters

As promised this week we will take a look at some characters just outside the DC Universe starting with Swamp Thing. An Avatar of nature, Swamp Thing is made of flora and commands plants to attack on his behalf. If his body is destroyed​ (though being made of dense vegetable matter makes this difficult) he is reborn in a newly constructed form.

Next we have a couple of characters from the graphic novel Watchmen. First we have Nite Owl, like Batman, he is wealthy, well trained and has gadgets which I used to give him his different abilities; Among these devices is Archimedes, an air-ship that I used to give him teleport. While these gadgets are advanced, the world of Watchmen is less modern so I made Nite Owl’s technological abilities a technological attribute so that it could be disabled.

Ozymandias is an interesting character, as the smartest man on earth he demonstrates abilities that border on super-human. I gave him these representative abilities. As he is both wealthy and knowledgeable I gave him Influence to demonstrate his resources. I gave him Telepathy as an extension of predicting human behavior and Keen Senses to demonstrate perception of his surroundings​.

Swamp ThingNite Owl
Ozymandias96″ />

From The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen we have Captain Nemo famous for his submarine, The Nautilus, which I used to grant him Teleport and a crew of loyal men to give him Influence.

Like Ozymandias we find that The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen has a villainous character, in this case the monstrous Mr. Hyde who is fast, strong and agile with a monstrous temper and animalistic traits. Of course Hyde has a gentle side in the form of his alter ego Dr. Jekel, I felt it prudent that The duo start as Jekel and transform into Hyde.

Captain NemoJekyll and Hyde

Moving out to the further Fringe of Vertigo we have the Invisibles’ Lord Fanny. Probably the only Trans character in comics, she is a magic wielding shaman with visions of the future.

Next we have Christopher Chance, The Human Target, specialized at assuming a person’s Identity in order to protect them. I wanted to try and give him an ability above and beyond blocking or a Heroic Act so I made his Human Target ability to represent the character always having been Chance and was never in play to begin with.

Lord FannyChristopher Chance

Lucifer, the famed fallen angel from the series of the same name, exhibits god like abilities in this incarnation that I wanted to represent on the card in addition to translating the key character attributes of superiority and playfulness. To translate this I gave him God level strength and magical abilities as well as the ability to summon and banish demons from/to Hell. Finally as Lucifer has a tendency not to engage in combat but rather to play and manipulate his opponent I tried to demonstrate this by allowing him to attack only when all other options are exhausted.

Finally we have the Saint of Killers, a modern incarnation of Death who never misses his target and whose pistols’ eternal stream of bullets kill all they touch (Including God himself). I tried to make his power representative and gave him an indomitable will by randomizing his attack.

LuciferSaint of Killers

Wow it took me a while to get this post out, but I’ve been working on several posts at the same time so this week should be better.

As always, Excelsior!


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