Epic Cards Pt.57: Incidents

This week I’ll be adding a few supplementary cards to the game, this will be the first set of incidents for Series 3 and I tried to vary the types of incidents.

First are a couple of empowering incidents, these will give characters access to new abilities and boost their stats based on on the origins of various characters that already exist.

Adamantium Infusion will give a major boost to a weak character’s D and a minor boost to C coating their bones with metal. This comes at a cost, as not many characters can survive the infusion. Next up we have Seedling Awakening which gives characters access to the random power and ability tables.

Adamantium InfusionSeedling Awakened

I wanted to give players the ability to customize their characters so I made a few simple cards giving the various abilities, no strings attached. These cards are really strait forward, you play them on a character and they gain that ability. Hidden, Shapeshifting and Infected have their abilities simply stated, I felt it was necessary to further explain Step Up which grants Leadership. As Leadership is team specific, a player gains a type of universal Leadership but characters cannot be considered part of the same team as a result of this card.

HiddenShapeshiftingInfectedStep Up

Finally we have a few cards that effect game play a little. First is All Hands on Deck which simple allows you to draw a character and reshuffle your deck.

Next we have Unworthy inspired by recent events in The comic books that leave Thor without his hammer Mjolnir. This card will allow you to effectively steal any Item from an opposing character.

All Hands on DeckUnworthy

Finally I wanted to make a more complex strategic card, in this case Battle on Many Fronts. The Idea is that often battles will take place in multiple places and I wanted to replicate that on the battlefield. After playing this card you will be effectively fighting on two separate tables. each set of characters isolated to their individual battlefield. this will allow a player to further divide and protect his forces.

Battle on Many Fronts

Enjoy the new cards, I hope to see you again tomorrow.



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