Epic Cards Pt.58: Wildstorm Characters

This week I’ll be adding to some Non-Wildcats teams for wiildstorm. 

First We have some Wetworks characters each bonded with a vampiric symbiote armor, they gained a metalic invulnerability and an individual ability. Dozer gained the ability to increase his size and strength so I gave him a growth ability.

Grail was a martial arts expert and intuned with his chi. As a result he was able to further focus his chi into energy weapons and armor that disintigrates inorganic matter.

Finally the stealthy sniper of the group, Pilgrim is a marksman who gained invisability from her symbiote.


Next we have Fahrenheit who is featured in the latest issue of  The Wild Storm a kind of Rebirth of the wildstorm universe outside of the main DC Universe. Fahrenheit has the ability to fly and generate birth of Fire and Heat.

Next we have a couple of my favorite storm watch characters, though there were quite a few. First is Hellstrike who is initially able to admit a green plasma energy and later his body transforms completely into the plasma energy, he also has the ability to fly. Winter is a difficult character to make because his power is energy absorption. While there are a bunch of characters that are able to absorb energy, Winter is able to absorb all types of energy including ambient ones around him which tend to be perceived as the creation of cold as he absorbs ambient heat. I translated his energy absorption into an increased defense that boosts his energy blast because he can absorb the kinetic energy from punches and bullets as well.


Nexus some less popular characters, we’ll start off with Union. An alien who is bonded with a powerful material Call the Justice Stone he is able to fly has super strength and defense but is also able to generate an energy weapon the Power Staff. You can split the staff into and use it as two weapons and the staff returns to him with a thought.

It seems like every Universe has a character that is able to manipulate reality and for Wildstorm that character is Max Faraday. After downloading and reading the creation equation Max has access to the powers of creation, after being dead and resurecting himself he is reluctant to use his gifts.

Finally we have Brass, infected by a techno virus, Brass is able to generate virtually any weapon or defensive system and comunicate with machines. The techology defends itself so I gave him counterstrike as well.

UnionMax FaradayBrass

That’s it for this week, now go read a comic book 🙂 



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